May 8, 2016

Ornaments & Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick check in.  I haven't been around much, like not at all.  So, really quick

Happy Mother's Day!

And not just to the mom's that have kids, I wish every women out there that has every hugged, encouraged, uplifted or helped another human being a Happy Mother's Day, because really, you are mothers too.  We women are good at mothering when we show kindness and encouragement.

Also, Just a reminder while I haven't done a lot of posts on here, my Etsy shop is still open.  We are heading into wedding season and I've been making a lot of these:

And for my local peeps, I'm excited about this one, August can't come soon enough!

Front with Temple and back with name and date!

I've also still be crafting up some bots.  Sorry for the photo, this was just shot with my phone.  I call him my They Might Be Giants bot as he has a "little bird house in his soul!"  This guy was given away as a gift but if you'd like a robot of your own, I do take custom orders through Etsy

Hope you all have a great day!