Mar 27, 2015

RAK - Playground Survival Kit

The big day is tomorrow!  I've been talking about for a week now.  So here's one more idea for you that might help you as you are thinking of things to do for "Do A Liz Thing" day.  (March 28th = a day to show kindness & do nice things all on behave of Liz Miller - it's what she would do)

The Spring weather in Colorado is going to be beautiful tomorrow.  That means that lots of families will be hitting playgrounds all over the community.  My kids are teens now and the appeal of swings and a twisty slide are just not all that exciting anymore.  However, it wasn't long ago that I remember being the mom on the playground perimeter.  I remember the warm sun and happy kids running from one thing to the next.  But, even though the kids were having fun, they always wanted a drink or a treat or to do something else. And, there were a few times that I wanted something too.

So, tomorrow me and my girls will be hitting a few playgrounds and passing out some Playground Survival Kits" to parents.  

This was easy to pull together.  It required a quick trip to the Dollar store and a few minutes to put everything together.  The holder is a recycled cardboard drink holder.

In the Front:  Cold water, Oreo bites, Pop Rocks, and Mike & Ike's (Rootbeer float flavor - yum!)

In the Back:  Paddle catch game for two, bubbles, small frisbees, bouncy ball and more cold water

Attach a few balloons to the handle and there you have it - a quick simple gift.  It's not likely to change the world but that was never the point.  It's just meant to show kindness and make someone's day a little brighter.

If you are going to join in and do your own act of kindness tomorrow please be sure to go and share what you did either on Facebook or on Instagram or Here in the comments - or even better, in all three places. (Is that asking too much?)

Instagram:  Use the #doalizthing

Be sure to mention where you are posting from.  This all started in Colorado but how fun to see if we can get acts of kindness being shared every where.

And, if you are interested in printing some pre-made tags, the links are below:

Tag set:  Lizthing1
Tag set:  Lizthing2

Kindness matters - pass it on!