Jan 26, 2015

Robot - Part 1

Alrighty then!  Let's do this robot thing!

First though, THANK YOU all for participating in my little survey from last week.  A lot of my questions were answered and a lot of my gut instincts were validated, so thank you.  I really do appreciate the feed back.

I'm happy to be back to blogging again and while I can't promise daily post, I do look forward to more post than I've been doing.  If you've been a long time reader, you know life has thrown me off track a bit for the last year and half or so and I've been struggling to regain balance and creative flow. I feel like the fog has lifted though and I'm excited to be back doing something that I enjoy so much.

So, let's talk Robots shall we?

I'm going to break the tutorial up into two parts.  Mostly because these aren't super hard to make, but they are time consuming and the tutorial will be long if I do it all in one. Plus, having a part 1 will give you time to collect all the supplies.

Part 1 will mostly focus on getting ready.  And, Part 2 will be the hands on, step-by-step.

Let's start.

We are going to make the little guy shown above.  

Jan 22, 2015

Can You Help?

Hello All!

Hey, I'm working on some updates and plans for this here site and I would sure love to include you in the changes.  If you have just a few moments, please take my survey and share your thoughts about thenshemade.com (just click the link below - thanks)

P.S. - I know I said I was working on Valentine's necklaces but I got distracted and ended up putting my "heart" into a robot instead.  He's made using an Altoid tin and I get giddy every time I look at him. What do you think, should I do a tutorial?  My husband says I need to show how I make these guys.  I'm on the fence though as I think they are a limited interest craft - what's your thoughts?

Jan 18, 2015

Before & After

Hey long time readers,

Do you remember that time that you helped my daughter win an ugly sweater contest so she could get free braces?

Don't remember?  Well, you did.

I did some follow up posts for a while but I wanted to share one more.  Jet's braces came off in November and Bug's came off last week.  So, I thought it was only fitting to share a brief little look at what you helped us do.

It's been a few years but THANK YOU again for your votes.  Both girls are loving their new smiles. (can you even believe the difference?)

And, I just need to give another shout out to Ward Orthodontics.  Dr. Ward and staff did a fabulous job and we are very grateful for their mad skills and welcoming office environment.  If you are in Fort Collins and need an orthodontist, look him up!

Jan 15, 2015

New Year, New Things - Taking on Dinner

I don't know about you but the new year always sparks a desire for change.  Usually it lasts a day.  Like when I thought about not eating bread or when I swore I was going to give up desserts.  Neither change lasted longer than 24 hours.

This year though, things have been different.  Probably because we made our changes prior to the new year starting, so they weren't like new year's resolutions that were destined to fail but instead they were more like really good ideas that work.

My most favorite change that we have implemented as a family is, dinner.  Let me explain.

Dinner stresses me out!

I don't mind cooking but the whole idea of coming up with what to cook is a killer for me.  We were eating like the same 5 meals on repeat with a whole lot of Sonic, Chipotle, Cafe Rio, and other take-out mixed in for good measure.  Not the greatest plan on any level.

So, before Christmas we introduced assigned dinner nights and I'll be totally honest, I'm pretty sure the heavens sang out in joy as it has been the best thing for me, oh and my family, too, can't forget them.  Selfishly though, I am totally loving this new set up.  In a nutshell here's what it is and why I love it so much...

Jan 8, 2015

My New Toy

Hello There!

Long time no talk!  I hope you all created some fantastic holiday memories and are now comfortably settling into the new year.  It all passed so quickly, didn't it?

So, good news.  At least for me anyway.  Look what I have in my possession.  Yup, that's right, it's a handy dandy countertop convection oven.

I actually asked for this for Christmas but my husband wouldn't buy it for me as a gift.  It's a long standing rule of his that he will not buy me appliances, tools, or tires as gifts.  He watched a few of those things being given to his Mom when he was younger and well, it must not have been good outcome because he won't buy those items as gifts, even if I ask for them.  It's sweet, really. Despite his refusal to buy it as a gift, I did get it and I'm SO EXCITED!  

Any guesses why I wanted it?