Oct 10, 2014

Homecoming Dress Fix

So, I've been away for awhile.  I'm not really sure where, seems life just caught me up in it's swift moving currents and now we have washed ashore into October.  I've done a few little creative projects here and there and thought it might be time to check back in and share.

Up first is the Homecoming dress fix.  This cute girl of mine decided last minute, and by last minute I mean the night before, to go to her Homecoming dance.  That was on a Friday, the dance was Saturday.  This is all great and everything BUT she didn't have a dress!

So, in between some already scheduled events on Saturday afternoon we hit a store, bought a $30 dress that was cute but, meh - it was lacking, and we dressed it up a bit.

We wanted to make it better and a little more modest.  Granted, compared to some dresses we looked at, this one was pretty conservative.  Still though, a little more length and a little more coverage on the shoulders was desired.

Here's the before....

It really was pretty cute.  She didn't think she would like it but when she tried it on, she loved it.  It had a Aubrey Hepburn feel to it in some way and Miss M has always had more of a classic style so it fit her own personality really well.  We still needed to make it better though.

On the way home we hit JoAnn's and found this stunning trim. I loved that the edges were all finished as I knew that would help make my job so much easier.  And, it had to be EASY because I only had an hour to make it work.  


And here's the AFTER...

I took that trim and made a little cap sleeve to cover the shoulders and I took the rest and attached it to the bottom to give it more length.

The thing that surprised me most is how much classier the modified dress looked.  Let's be honest here, sometimes when you make clothes more modest, it makes them look, ummm, well, I'm not even sure of the right word, usually though, it's just not a good out come.  This dress though, in my own opinion, actually looks better with the add-ons.

Once it was all done, I had a happy girl on my hands.  She loved it and felt beautiful.  I could tell from the smile.  Plus, it spins - how can you not love a dress that you can spin in.

The highlight of the night though didn't come from the smile or the spin, it came while I was quickly trying to sew things in place and she leaned into me and whispered "Thanks mom!".  Melted my heart!


In other news, we've been hit with some not so great news.  Our home was just sold so we are moving.  We have no idea to where, we just know we have to leave.  So, I have closed the Etsy shop down for the time being and I am not taking ornament orders until we find a new place and are settled.  Thank you for understanding.