Jul 16, 2014

DIY Picture Holder & Room Re-do

Miss M has been away but now she is back.

While she was away she turned 17 and since we weren't with her to celebrate her birthday we decided to give her bedroom a little make-over as a birthday surprise.  She's been wanting a more "grown-up" room for awhile now and keeps mentioning how she'd like a room that she can take with her to college.  (FYI:  As her mother, I think the word "college" is a swear word.  Every time she mentions it my body cringes as I am reminded that I have one year left before "college" gets my girl)

As part of our make-over we cleared out the old, painted the walls, added a ceiling light, made new curtains, bought new bedding, swapped out a desk for a bookshelf and constructed a few little projects based off of ideas she pinned on Pinterest.

One of those projects was a framed wire picture holder.  She had a bunch of different versions of these posted on her boards so I knew she liked them.   I showed the idea to Mr. K and he used his smarts to create one for her.  Of course we documented the process so you can make one too should you have the desire.

Here's what you need to get started:

Supplies Needed
4- 36" square wooden pieces (bought at Lowe's)
10 - screw eye
Galvanized wire
Corner braces
Measuring tape
Pencil or pen

Step 1:  Lay out your wood pieces so they make a square.   We took some 4x6's and laid them in the square so that we could get a visual on how the spacing needed to be placed.

Step 2:  Then Mr. K did some math and drew a sketch.  You can click on the photo to see the math larger.  

Step 3:  Next he took two of the wooden pieces and marked, based off of the sketch, where he needed to place each screw eye. (They were kind of hard to see in the photo so I put arrows on the photo so you could see them better)

Quick Tip:  Before he drilled the holes for the screws, he wrapped a piece of tape around the drill bit.  This gave him a visual on how far he needed to drill into the wood and also made it so each hole would be drilled consistently at the same depth.

Step 4:  Then he drilled on all the spots he marked. 

Step 5:  and added in the screw eyes

Step 6:  Next he put two pieces together to create the corner and marked where the holes would need to go to set the braces in place.

Step 7:   And then he drilled on those spots

Step 8:  And finally he set the screws.  After the first corner was in place, he repeated this process with the other three corners until his frame was all hooked together.

Step 9:  And finally, he threaded the wire through each screw eye and strung them across the frame.  We left it unpainted until Miss M got home and then we let her choose the paint color.  She chose a dark teal.

Step 10:  Add bumpers to the back corners so that it doesn't mess up your wall and then add all your fabulous photos.  

We are still working on the photo part as Miss M wants to get a bunch of photos printed from her trip to hang up. And that is that.  Done!  

Here's a few other photos of the room.

Her room before was painted a robin's egg blue, you can't really tell from the before photo but it is.  It was a fun color but since it's a basement room it just doesn't get much light so it always felt dark.  Plus, there was no overhead light in the room so we had to light it by lamp, which just didn't work well.  Her other colors were green and black.

Now her room is so much lighter.  We wired in an overhead light and painted the walls a warm antique lace color. Normally I'd say that was a boring color but I love it.  The warmth it brings to room is very welcoming.  And, it's a good neutral color for the orange and turquoise in the bedding, curtains, book shelf, etc...

I also made her a framed jewelry holder.  All in all, I'm happy with the change and she is too!