Apr 21, 2014

Left Over Egg Cartons?

Hey, you know how you just painted and decorated a whole slew of eggs this past weekend?  You know how now you are trying to find clever ways to use hard-boiled eggs in every recipe?  Ya, I know.  I feel your pain.  I can't really help you will the recipes but if you are looking for a way to recycle those egg cartons once the eggs are all used up, well here you go....

It's a flash back craft but a good one no less!  Enjoy!

Egg Carton Flowers

So here's what you do...

First, you will need a pulp paper egg carton.

Using scissors, cut the carton apart.  You only need the little egg holder parts, does that even make sense?  If not, look at the picture, that might make it more clear.

You can cut out as many as you want.  I did about 10 or so.  I wanted enough to make a bouquet.

After you get them all cut out, use craft paint and give them a nice coat of color.

Warning:  Your hands will also get a nice coat of color too!

Let them all dry.  It will take a little longer than normal for the paint to dry.  

When they are dry, poke a hole in the bottom of each one. 

Next, take some baby breath - it's not the real stuff, I just got mine at the $1 store - and cut some small portions out of the bunch.  Just make sure that you leave the stems kind of long.

Then, take the baby breath and push the stems into the hole on the flower like shown.

Next, take a food skewer stick and place it at the base of the flower next to the stems from the baby's breath.  Then, using floral tape, wrap the skewer and stems together with the tape.  Continue wrapping the tape all the way down the stick.

You're almost done!  Next, find a vase or a jar, tie on a cute little bow and put your flowers in it.

That's it - you're done!  Easy peazy lemon squezy! 

Don't you think they are "egg"celent flowers?!

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Charles Turnbaugh said...

As you say "egg" celent not to mention novel...gotta try it.