Mar 20, 2014

Wafer Cookie Baskets

My kiddos are on spring break this week.  We've been planning for months to take a four state road trip to scout out colleges for Miss M but as it turns out, she really didn't want to go.  And, with blowing snowing in Wyoming and a lack of desire, it was just best to cancel.

I was fine with cancelling.  It would have been fun for the girls and I to hit the open road but at the same time, 25 hours in the car over the course of three days really wasn't where my heart was either.  So, what do we do instead?  We've hit a bunch of stores, went to lunch a few times, did make-overs and nails, worked on a prom dress, did a photo shoot, played Mine Craft (not me, them), stalked Imagine Dragons online (we just went to their concert - it was fabulous), hit the library, watched Frozen a few hundred times and today we made these...

Little Jet found the idea in a kids book she checked out from the library - I can't remember the name of the book.  It had some other cute food crafts in it, too. For this project we didn't follow the directions in the book.  They called for other ingredients that we didn't have but the visual idea was good and sparked some imagination.  So we tweaked the idea to make it our own and this is what we came up with. These little basket are pretty easy to make and honestly they are fun for kids to make because after some simple instructions, they can dive in and make their own with very little help.

Here's what you need:

A sheet cake - I just used a box cake mix and split the batter between a 9x13 and an 8x8 pan.  You don't want the cake super tall, that's why I split it.  Then, depending on the length of your waffle cookies, you want to cut it into squares.  For mine I cut them into 2 inch squares and that was just about perfect.  It will make more sense below so keep reading.

Other Supplies - Waffle cookies, Twizzlers, Peeps, Paper Plates, Frosting, and Knives
Optional - Fruit and Jelly Beans

Step 1 - The first thing you want to do is place a square of cake in the center of your plate.

Step 2 - Frost just the top of your cake and one flat side of 8 cookies 
(only 4 cookies are shown above but you need 8 to complete the sides of the basket)

Step 3 - Next place the frosted side of each cookie around each side of the cake.  You want to put the cookies so they butt up against each other on the ends.  The large photo above shows the placement best.  Put your first layer of four down and then stack the other four on top.  This makes the sides of the basket

Step 4 -  Then, take a Twizzler and push it into the cake on opposite corners to make the basket handle

Step 5 - Fill the basket with treats.  We used Peeps and Jelly beans and the photo below shows a basket I made filled with strawberries.  Other fruit would have worked great too.

Quick Tips:  We noticed that the frosting tends to make the wafers warp a little.  Make sure if you are making these to give away that you deliver them soon after they are made.  

Another fun thing to do is let the kiddos be creative.  My little Bug decided to make a Hen House too.  It's quite cute and is like a gingerbread house but for spring.  Quite perfect for the first day of Spring don't ya think?!