Mar 28, 2014

Go Do A Liz Thing

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Mr. K and I had a rare opportunity to sneak away this afternoon for an impromptu mini date.  My schedule was unexpectedly open and he was fed up with work and feeling a frustrated.  As you know, frustration on a Friday is just not a good thing and we decided to skip out and go get a smoothie - hot date, right?

The best thing happened to us though and we had yet another reminder that while life can be heavy, sad, and often burdened down, there is a lot of goodness in the world around us.  My regular readers know my favorite saying, "kindness matters!", well today I want to tell you why it matters so much.

We stepped up to the counter at Berry Blendz to place our order - a Love Potion #9 for me and a Fruit Flirtation for Mr. Kent.  I was pulling out my debit card to pay when I see a $20 bill and a piece of paper hit the counter in front of me. I don't even remember what exactly was said but here was this woman that I had never met, never even seen before, and she was buying our smoothies.

I really have no idea how I re-acted, I was a little bit shocked but I hope I was receptive to her kindness - it really was kind.  It just lifted us right up.  When we sat down to wait for our smoothies to be made we had time to read the paper that was given to us.

The title said; "Honor the day; go do 'A Liz Thing'"  (Please go read the full version here, it was in our local paper today)

The article tells of a sweet young women who lost her life six years ago and today, March 28th, is the day that in honor of her, her family is remembering how their sister and daughter lived.

I was so touched!

I know a little about loss lately, it's hard to focus on the positive when you hurt so much but I loved how this mom was turning her focus from loss to remembering.  And not just remembering but also passing on the good. The joy.  The positive.

My smoothie tasted better than normal today and when we left Berry Blendz both Mr. K and I were a lot happier.  

We decided right then that we needed to pass this on.

We hit the store on our way home and had fun shopping for happy things.  Yellow is a happy color - it reminds me of sunshine and sunshine is happy.  We also decided that since this was all started by a mom honoring her daughter, and since we have three daughters of our own, there was no better thing for us to do than get enough gifts to give out to three people and get our own daughters involved.

These are the goodies we came home with.  Honestly, these items will not change anyone's day, they are just things.  But, we hope the action of giving and sharing and honoring Liz not only changes their day but touches their hearts as well.  

Here's the stash before we wrapped it up.  Mr. K had the idea to get the cups and place the balloons in the straw. Pretty smart!

With the three gifts ready, we just needed to decided who to give them to.  We took one to a friend.  She's been on my mind a lot lately.  She has such a good heart and gives so much on so many different levels that she just needed to have a day that she got something back.  The other two gifts we gave out randomly.

We stopped in parking lots and waited for people.  It felt a little weird, like we were stalking them.  The first people we approached were a mom and daughter.  They were skeptical.  Isn't that how we all probably act at first?  We live in a society that takes more than it gives so I understand their hesitation.  After some explanation they both smiled and the mom said "Really?!  I've never had this happen before."

The second lady had her hands full of groceries and my daughters had to chase her down - poor woman, hi-jacked by two tweens right there in the grocery store parking lot!  But, her smile - I will remember her smile always.

So, I know the day is wrapping up.  March 28th will soon pass and become the 29th, but to all my dear readers, it's not too late.  I encourage you to go and do your own "Liz Thing" this weekend.  Then She Made has, between all it's social media outlets, over 8,000 readers.  That's small potatoes in blogland but can you even imagine if half of those readers did a "Liz Thing"?

The world is changed by one person interacting with another person who interacts with someone else.  Even though Liz isn't here to see it, her life and example is still blessing and changing the world.  I never met her but she changed mine.  And, as a mom myself, I can see no greater way than to keep your daughters memory alive than encouraging acts of kindness, like the things her daughter did all the time.

To Liz's Mom - Thank you for the smoothie but more importantly thank you for making my day better!  Thank you for reminding me to think outside of myself.

To share your own "Liz Thing" experience, go to their facebook page here:   or if you share on instagram be sure to tag it #doalizthing

and, remember you can read more about Liz and this great day in our local paper by clicking here: or here:  The Tribune

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