Feb 20, 2014

If you only had 20 minutes

Tomorrow I will be getting in a rental car and driving 7+ hours to say a final good-bye to another family member.  It's a drive that I don't want to make.  It's a drive that I didn't expect to have to make just six months after losing my dad.

I made that drive for him and now I am making that drive for his beloved wife of 28 years.

I found out today that once I'm there, I can only have 20 minutes of visit time.  How do you wrap up 28 years with someone you love in only 20 minutes?  Do I start with  "thank you for marrying my dad!"  or "remember that time you made me a prom dress..."

What would you say to someone who has been a pivotal part of your life, who guided you, loved you, and taught you, if you only had 20 minutes?

I will probably say nothing more than "I love you and thank you" and those words, although they can be powerful at times, they seem so small in a situation like this.

I am devastated.