Jan 16, 2014

Yoda Love of My Life

Last year, on Valentine's Day, I posted about the best Valentine I never made.  It was a great idea that sadly, just stayed an idea.  On that post I had shared a conversation I had had with my husband about it.
Here's how that convo went...

Me:  "Tomorrow I'm going to make a Yoda valentine."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "It will be cool.  It's going to have Yoda on it and it will say - 'Yoda love of my life'."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "Do you get it?"
Fred: no comment, just silence

Then after what felt like a very long pause he said...

Fred:  "Very amusing you are!"

After that, well, that was the end of it.  Valentine's Day passed and clever Yoda sayings left my mind.   However, guess what I found in the $1 spot at Target the other day?  I think I might have squealed out loud with happiness.  

I was "yoda-lighted"!  (ya, that was pretty bad, I meant ... "so delighted!") 
I snatched up three items, paid my $3 plus tax and headed home with my treasures. Then, I set to work making my cute guy a really cheap, I mean unique, Valentine.

I started with an empty, and un-used, to-go box that I had from a trip to Noodles.  We had grabbed too many to-go containers by accident but since my girls put their hands on them, and in them, I felt funny putting them back from people to put their food in, so they came home with us.  You can buy boxes like these in craft stores or go out to lunch at Noodles and ask for some boxes to go.

Next, I cut all the top tabs off so I had just an open box.  Then, I took some scrapbook paper and quickly covered the outside of the box.  (not shown) I could have left it brown however on the back side it still says Noodles and I didn't like that much.  

After I added the red paper, I stuffed in some tissue and added my treats.

Besides the Yoda stuff, I also added in some TicTac's, because you know, minty breath is always nice and well, ummm, there might be kissing involved - it is a Valentine gift after all. 

 And, check this out.  On all the Noodles boxes they have this cute little detail on the side so you can mark your left-overs.  It works perfectly for gift giving because you can put the recipients name on it.

Then, the last thing I needed to do was add on my tag.  I didn't get it done in time to photograph it but it will say exactly what I said above in my conversation from last year ....

Dear Fred - "Yoda love of my life!!!"

and then Fred will say, "Very amusing you are!"

and we will probably kiss!

P.S. - If you like the Yoda idea but don't want to get all mushy.  You could skip the box, just buy one item, like the Yo-Yo and attach a tag that reads something like ...

- YODA best friend I could have - Happy Valentine's Day
- Valentine, YODA best!  Have a Happy Valentine's Day

Ya, you get the idea.  It would be perfect for non-mushy, non-candy, Valentine's for classroom gifts.