Dec 31, 2013


This is a last minute effort to rally the troops.  Can you help?

We've been following the Free Braces contest, as you know, little Jet won last year.  It was a huge help for our family - HUGE!!!  We had another friend enter this year but found out she isn't qualified to win so we are now really pushing for this guy.  He is a last minute entry and is currently in third but still pretty far behind the leader so he needs help.  He's an awesome young man that goes to our same church.  In fact, just last Saturday he rode in my car as I transported a bunch of youth to a dance.  He is pretty awesome and I want to help him out.  Can you go vote for him?

To vote click on the link below his picture.  It will take you to the contests Facebook page, Once there it might require you to "like" the facebook first and then be sure to click on the VOTE button - just liking the page doesn't count, you do have to actually vote.  It's pretty simple and would really help a lot.

Entry Photo

Thank you!  I'd love it if some else I know could win this great contest and he is a really great kid!

And, thank you all so much for the ideas and recipes you shared in response to my last post.  I got enough ideas to make some braces friendly treats that I'm sure my kiddos will love.

Happy New Year!