Dec 28, 2013

New Year's Treat Dilemma

Well, I'm bummed.  Not sure if you saw my post from early today (it has since been taken down) but I was all geared up to help a little friend win free braces.  We won last year and it's been a huge blessing so we wanted to spread the love and help her win, however, we just found out that she wasn't eligible to win so she can no longer be in the contest.  I do want to thank you though, if you already made an effort to vote for her - THANK YOU!!!  She was making some headway today and your vote would have helped take over the lead.  So, thank you.

Ok, in other news... are you gearing up for New Year's?  We are too.  We will just have a quiet evening of game playing at home.  My hubby will most likely make us some yummy teriyaki udon noodles and I will bake us a treat.

Every year we make this...

You can get the recipe here:  New Year's Eve Treat  It is absolutely delightful and my most favorite of treats, however, this year we have kiddos in braces and this treat really isn't braces-friendly so I have to come up with something new to make.

This has been a bit of a dilemma, I like my tradition.  I could just make it for those in my house who don't have metal on their teeth but that really wouldn't be very nice.  So, instead, I've been browsing and pinning recipes on Pinterest but I've yet to find anything that seems to compare.  This is where you come in,  I'm officially asking for your help.

What's your favorite New Year's treat?  I'd love it if you'd share.  My family would love it too!

And, I guess, if all else fails I could just make bacon.  That's a good back up.