Oct 9, 2013

"Oh. My. Gosh"

My family sometimes makes fun of me because I get a little excited when I make fun things.  Yes, I admit, I've been known to do a happy dance and clap my hands happily over the outcome of a project - haven't we all?

Well, my lovely Miss M came home from school today and had - HAD - to show me this video.  I guess it reminder her of me, somehow.  And, really, it is funny.

And, just so you know, being slightly tired and slap happy will help you enjoy it even more.  I know it did for us, we giggled quite a lot.

"Oh My Gosh! - LOOK AT THOSE WIGGLES - Oh My Gosh!"

Have a great day, y'all!

p.s. - I think I will try and find me a sponge to make some wiggles of my own.  It looks fun.

p.s.s - if you are getting this blog post in your inbox, the video probably didn't show up so you can go HERE to watch it if you'd like.  Enjoy!


Emily S said...

I hate to admit that I have watched the ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO of that.

Susan F. said...

Lol, I've seen Dee on The Carol Duvall show over the years. I think she's been on QVC too, selling scrapbooking or card making kits.

Deneen said...

She does get very excited. She use to be on the Carol Duvall show and was always like this. Thanks for the video. It is fun to see how excited people get over crafting.