Oct 9, 2013

"Oh. My. Gosh"

My family sometimes makes fun of me because I get a little excited when I make fun things.  Yes, I admit, I've been known to do a happy dance and clap my hands happily over the outcome of a project - haven't we all?

Well, my lovely Miss M came home from school today and had - HAD - to show me this video.  I guess it reminder her of me, somehow.  And, really, it is funny.

And, just so you know, being slightly tired and slap happy will help you enjoy it even more.  I know it did for us, we giggled quite a lot.

"Oh My Gosh! - LOOK AT THOSE WIGGLES - Oh My Gosh!"

Have a great day, y'all!

p.s. - I think I will try and find me a sponge to make some wiggles of my own.  It looks fun.

p.s.s - if you are getting this blog post in your inbox, the video probably didn't show up so you can go HERE to watch it if you'd like.  Enjoy!