Oct 20, 2013

Helping Miss M - The Ornament Project

I know it's not even Halloween yet, I know this because I still have Halloween projects occupying my to-do list.  But, I also know that most people like to plan ahead and be prepared for the holidays so please forgive me as I skip over Halloween for just a moment and focus on Christmas ornaments.

Most of you know my Miss M, I talk about her every once in a while on here.  This is her. 

She's a teenager.  To be honest though, she's not what I thought having a teenager would be like.  I've been prepared for rebellion and angst but it hasn't happened with her.  There was a short time when she was between 12 & 13 that she was really, really good at the eye-roll.  In fact, her eye rolls were so well executed that we gave them a name and called them EDLs which was short for evil death looks but for the most part, that is where the struggles have ended.  I've been lucky.  She thinks differently from most teenagers and I love her good heart.

Case in point, Miss M has been wanting to go on a humanitarian service trip for quite awhile.  She wants to go spend three weeks of her summer helping build rooms in an special needs orphanage in Ecuador.  I love that she wants to do this.  I love that she even thinks about doing this because when I was her age my thoughts were far more inward and all I wanted to do each summer was go shopping or go to the dam to work on my tan and hang out with friends.  Luckily, she's does not think like I did as a teenager and I admire her for that.  

This past summer she took on a nanny job and saved almost all the money she earned so she could apply it to her trip.  Her job ended when school started back up and while she still babysits, her babysitting jobs are few and far in between and sadly, even though she has saved some money, she hasn't saved enough to pay for all of her trip. Because of this, I want to help her out.

She and I have been brain storming ways for her to reach her goal and she has decided she'd like to make Christmas ornaments and I've agreed to let her use my Etsy shop for the cause.  So, if you are looking for a unique gift, or a special ornament please consider ordering one from her.  That way, you get what you want and she gets a little bit closer to reaching her goal.  Sounds good?  Yep!  I think so too.

All the profits from every Christmas ornament sold between now and Christmas goes to her.  Plus, they are all customize-able.  You can add a name, date, or saying to most of them. Most ornaments are $8.50 but we are happy to give a discount if you order 5 or more.  Email me for more info on large orders (thenshemade (at) gmail.com)

She will also be offering a few Temple ornaments too.  For now the only one offered is the Salt Lake Temple but others are coming.

So, what do you think?  Can you help Miss M out with her Ornament project?  If so, you can start your shopping here:  Then She Made Etsy - Christmas Ornaments

And, if you don't want an ornament but would just like to donate to her cause you can use the donate button below which is managed by PayPal.