Jun 22, 2013

Catching Up!

Fact:  June is flyin' by!

I've done a ton of stuff but am slow at posting my projects so until I get my tutorials done, here's a quick look at some other things and a quick little game of catch up.

919!  That's a huge number  - My personal Facebook post last week said this...

'My obituary just may read "cause of death was 
extreme crafting and being over run by satin flowers!'

Death by satin flowers really wouldn't be that horrible of a way to go, right?!  Seriously though, they are kind of over-running my life - it's good though!  In my spare time I've been making them and as I counted up all my orders over the last few months I have made 919 of them.  Eek!  Actually, I've made more but I didn't count any that I gave as gifts or made for my girls.  I'm still in love with them though and my girls love them too.  They just add a sweet finishing touch.

And, I'm happy to make more.... go here if you want some  Then She Made/Etsy 
(Little Jet is wearing the 4th of July set.)

Notes Of Appreciation - So, my last post I shared the countdown I am doing for my Miss M.  Her 16th birthday is coming up and I asked a few of her friends to write her notes.  After collecting letters and notes I was going through them to assign them a count down day and found the cutest thing.

A little family she babysits for had included notes and drawings from their kids too.  I wasn't expecting it and knew Miss M would love this.  She was at girls camp this past week and this was one of the letters she opened while she was away from home.  She said it made her day!

And, on the very same day that Miss M got her little note, I got the sweetest note too.  I'm a sucker for kind words so when I opened my card I got a little teary.  I had just wrapped up craft camp and one of the little girls that came had made me a card and wrote me the nicest message.  It was so sweet and it made my day!  

So, my point - never under estimate the power of a kind word.  Send those cards and say thanks, it could just be the highlight of some one's day!

Craft Camp - Thursday was my last Craft Camp day.  We were scheduled to go one more Thursday but had to cancel our last week so we wrapped it up.  I will miss it.  It was a lot of work but it was a lot of fun. I'm not a teacher and I don't spend lots of time with kids other than my own, but I was reminded how much pre-teen girls need positive, uplifting environments to thrive in.  My largest class had 21 girls and all 21 were different personalities.  Some were confident, some not.  Some thought out of the box, others wanted step-by-step instruction.  Some where social, others quiet and focused on task.  But all of them shared one major thing.  They all have a divine potential beyond anything they even understand and my only hope is that they left feeling a little more confident and a little more comfortable with themselves.  It's hard to be a girl in our world.   (I say girls because that's who I worked with - don't want to leave the boys out but I'm sure this is true for them too)  

I'll share some tutorials from our projects soon but in the meantime here's a few items we made that you can find online already.

I shared this tutorial awhile back but it's super easy for kids to make, plus you can make them in lots of different trims and colors. 

(we made ours different from this tutorial but the idea is very similar)

Super cute project and this tutorial by Tally's Treasury is really great!