May 30, 2013

Wowsa Geez!


What up?!

Wowsa geez!

My guy found this fun little duo band, you may have heard of them, Scott & Brendo.  Well, one of Bug and Jet's favorite songs from them is called Kitten Air (click the link to hear it) and starts just like the above.  Those words also explain so much.

Wowsa geez!

I feel like it's been awhile but so much has been happening and so much is upcoming that I had to pop in for a quick update.  In no particular order....

  • 100 pendants are shipped and on their way to a lovely youth group somewhere in Texas.  Never done an order that big before but I must admit the sense of accomplishment once they were packed and on their way was extremely satisfying!  So, normally these pendants are shipped already in necklace form but this order was for the pendants only.  Did you know you can order my stuff without the chain?  You can.
  • No more work for me!  A couple of weeks ago I turned in my badge and said good-bye.  I will actually miss working.  I liked the low-stress, creative environment.  It suited me well plus I really enjoyed getting out of the house and having something to call my own while the kiddos were away at school.  However, we evaluated it all and determined that having me work, at least in that job, wasn't actually benefiting our family.  Two of my girls didn't really care that I worked a couple of days a week but Jet, well Jet was pretty excited when I told her I wasn't going to be working anymore.  She likes me home and really, I'm ok with that.  So, for now, summer is calling.  Kids need my love. And it gives me more time to devote to my Etsy shop and photo business.  It's all good! 

  • Speaking of our photo business,  we kicked off our photo season last week.  We celebrate 5 season in our home; spring, summer, fall, winter and photo season.  Photo season runs from May to early November.  I always forget how much I love to take pictures until I get behind the lens.  My personal goal for summer is to carry my camera with me a little more, not just on shoots.  I forget to take pictures of every day life and I need to do that more.  I follow a blog from a friend of mine from high school and she is really good at photo journaling her every day life and she inspires me to do the same.  

  • Craft camp!  Next week starts our craft camp.  I'm pretty excited.  Years ago, 2008 to be exact, I planned out a weekly summer craft camp for my girls.  Miss M had her own since she was older and then I did a separate one for Bug and Jet.  They all loved it.  We planned in advance what we would make, invited friends to join us, and then each week I taught a little class.  It usually ran for 4 or 5 weeks.  The girls, ever since the first camp, have asked me to do it again and so we are.  It starts next week!   This year we opened it up to friends ages 9 to 12 and now have over 20 girls coming to each session - Wowsa geez!  It will be fun!  I promise to share what we make.
(photo credit goes to:  cooking up north)

  • How many of you have pinned and pinned and pinned projects and recipes and all things lovely to Pinterest? Ya, me too.  I finally decided to make something I've pinned.  And, wowsa geez!  It was every bit as good as the photo looks.  It was cinnamon roll cake - soooo, good.  Go visit Cooking Up North to get the recipe.  It's worth it!
Oh, and I have tutorials coming for you all - stay tuned!