Apr 5, 2013

Big thanks & An Offer

I've been absent a bit this week.  Lots of stuff going on around here which means my posts have been scarce but I needed to pop in real quick and send you all a big.....

The response to the camp fund raiser was HUGE!!!   We, Miss M and I, thank you all so much.  She is still sewing her little heart out and I'm packing them up as quickly as I can.  The good news is we are getting close and all orders, whether they were jewelry or hairpins, will be shipped out tomorrow.

Thank you again!!!

Also, not to freak you out or anything but Mother's day is just a month away.  What are you going to get for mom?  Jewelry?  Yes!  Great idea.  

If you are interested, I'm offering a Mother's day special for 20% off all purchases over $10 in my Etsy shop.  The offer will run until April 30th.  Just enter coupon code MOM20 at check out.

Oh, and if you see a design you like but prefer it in a different color, just let me know, I can most likely make it in the color you'd like.