Mar 1, 2013

Compliment Day & Give-away

Did you know that today, March 1st, is World Compliment Day.  It's true, it is.  I like these quirky little holidays that allow me to celebrate - and think about - things that maybe I wouldn't have normally.

(Miss M before she would smile with her teeth showing.  She actually didn't start letting her teeth show until just this past year so her smiles were always Mona Lisa smiles)

So, go forward and celebrate!

All you have to do is pass along a kind word to someone you see today.  Tell them you love their smile or they look great.  Be specific and genuine.  Positive words can go a long way as long as they are sincere.

I don't remember all the compliments I've received in my life but I remember three that are unique, these are what was said:

1- "You have great eyebrows".  Still to this day I can't pluck my eyebrows without thinking about this compliment or the person who said it.  With every pull and tug and tear I think it's worth it because someone liked my eyebrows.

2- "Nice ankles".  My friend told me this shortly after I had just given birth to twins.  I'd never given much thought to my ankles but I totally needed that compliment as the rest of me was still looking very pregnant.  They aren't so nice now, swelling, age, and psoriasis have taken over but once upon a time, I had really nice ankles.

3- "You are too d*#* conscientious".  This was said to me by an old boss.  She was frustrated with me because my honesty was causing her more work however I took it as a compliment.  I am conscientious.  I am honest and I have good work ethic.  Nothing wrong with that.  And, at the end of the day, I'd rather know that I gave it my all and did good work instead of taking the easy way out.

Anyway, go - go now, and spread some compliments.  Share them with everyone you know.  Kindness matters and you just may make their day better.

and, even though I've never met you, I think you probably have a great smile.

Yes, YOU have a great smile!

Most people, when a smile is real, have beautiful smiles.  So, I want to give away a smile pendant.

Leave me a comment and tell me what the best or most memorable compliment you've been given was!  Oh, and be sure to add your name.  Sorry, but if your name is Anonymous you can't win.

Have a great day!


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

:o) Well, I was going to leave a comment and tell you how much I enjoy your blog, what a great artist you are...and then I see that there's a giveaway in the mix too. Awesome!

Best compliment for me is, actually, my smile. My daughter has the same smile, and she gets compliments on hers too. :o)

Kristine said...

I love this necklace!! How sweet!
I think my favorite compliment is one that I don't feel worthy of, but a friend recently told me on a day when I felt totally inadequate that I doing an amazing job leading my children to Christ. Never feels like enough, but I will receive it just the same!

Jen M. said...

Hey, Amy! (I almost used your nickname, but I thought you might not want to make it public.)

You do beautiful work; not that I'm surprised. You've always been amazing.

When I read your post today, one compliment came to mind, but it's a bit strange. My 8th grade shop teacher told me I have a handshake like a lady missionary. Weird, but it meant a lot to me. So much can be conveyed to other people with that simple gesture.

I love the necklace, too, but don't enter me in the contest. I would like to buy one if you have more. It would be perfect for Lessa. Let me know.

Love you guys!

AH said...

I recently worked hard to get my certification and my mom told me how proud she was of me and what a great person I am. I am in my mid 40's and she hasn't said that for a long time. It still moves me to tears when I think about it.

KMurphy said...

I don't have a specific example but it is the compliments that people give when you least expect it or if you receive a compliment from a small child or complete stranger. In my opinion these mean the most,...just when you are feeling small and you think no one is watching. (Kayla Murphy)

Lily Anne said...

I love your blog! I don't always comment,but I read every word.
My most memorable compliment is that I raised 2 True Gentlemen as they open doors for women and senior citizens. They walk on the sidewalk on the side of traffic. (that way if a car jumps a curb, they are protecting the young lady they are escorting.) I also had one of the neatest compliments when I was with my daughter one day and was told, "Gee, now I know where your daughter gets her good looks!"

SewFun For Me said...

First of all, I LOVE your blog!! When I read it, it seems so peaceful and calming to me! Automatically makes me smile!
My husband told me that I "brought completeness to his life". That compliment means the world to me!

beth jillette said...

My daughter would not smile with her teeth showing until she had braces. :( She's a Mom now and smiles all the time.
The compliment that meant the most to me was about her. She is a teacher and when I met her principal for the first time he asked me if I knew how many lives she had changed for the better?
Still makes me happy to think about it.
Love your blog. Love your art.

Sandy said...

Amy, you make the cutest stuff! Who wouldn't want to win it?

One of the best compliments I've had lately came from someone I don't even know - the girl who checks me in at the rec center. She said I was "gorgeous." Since I haven't felt "gorgeous" in quite awhile - if ever - I was really touched by her compliment.

Liliana W said...

Hi there Amy, I love your blog....very lovely and inspiring. I adore those little cute nativity sets you create, what an artist!
The necklace is adorable!!
The best compliment has to be from my 8 year old who says; 'my food scores 2 billion out of 100.00'
Thanks for the chance :)

Some Lucky Dog said...

I didn't know there was a World Compliment Day, that's great! My favorite compliment was just a few months ago when my 10 year old grandson said I was a "totally awesome grandma"!

Cindy Brooks
someluckydog at gmail dot com

Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 said...

One learns something new everyday - didn't know there was such a thing as World Compliment day. I'm going to try and pass on one to everyone I meet today.

One of the best I've received (about 10 years ago) was a friend who took my name and gave adjectives for each letter that described me and my talents. I was so touched.

Julie B said...

My Dad was dying of cancer and I was putting together a powerpoint of his life we would eventually show at his funeral. He saw the first little bit I compiled and called my Mum in to look at it saying "have you seen this, isn't she clever?"

Mulberry Fibers said...

The compliment I remember the best is when my first child was just a few months old. My mom told me, "You are a good mom." That simple little comment struck a nerve with all my new-mom insecurities. I remember that now, when my four children are driving me crazy, and I feel like a terrible mom!

This is a beautiful pendant. I love it, and it's a great reminder! Thank you for offering this!

Susan Gioiella said...

The greatest compliment that I've received was my children telling me that I'm a great mom, and that I am fighting my battle with cancer with courage.

C.Good said...

I feel the best comment that I have ever received in my life was when a friend said to me thanks for just being you and enriching my life.

Kim-the-girl said...

I was going to tell you, too, that your blog is awesome! Inspiring in both creativity and life. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

I don't know if its the best, but it was a very memorable compliment... I was a senior in high school and had just found out that I didn't get selected for an award that I had worked hard for. I had been crying, and had red eyes, which in turn made my blue eyes really stand out. I walked outside and some delivery guy was walking in and he said, "Well, you have beautiful eyes?! Don't you?!" I couldn't help but smile... which I really needed at that time. :)

Donna said...

In High School people said I had a great smile. Even mentioning it in my yearbook.
I'd always get compliments on my dark brown eyes.

I'd love to be entered in your giveaway.

more than that I treasure the compliments my kids have given me after they were grown and gone from home. Saying thanks for raising them right and making them do right. They didn't appreciate that then but now they are parents and they "get it".

heatherp626 said...

I used to be told "you have really pretty teeth." Haven't heard it in a while, so they must not be pretty anymore.:( Pretty necklace. You do great work!

Robin said...

I think my most recent is my favorite at the moment. I was talk to a new acquaintance and mentioned my grandson. She said "HOW OLD ARE YOU!" I told her 49 this year. Well, she said she thought I was maybe 35. YaY!

I also have to agree with Donna about the compliments your adult children give you about their childhood. My oldest recently told me how fun her childhood was. That she loves how much she laughed and how fun her Dad and I were.

Which brings me to my compliment to you. You are an amazing blogger. I never skip anything like other blogs I follow. I always want to read every word. Thank you for sharing your talent and life.

Sandra :) said...

Sweet necklace - thank you for the chance to win!

24 years ago when we took our oldest out in public for the first time (he was a week old) someone stopped us and told us he looked like a Gerber baby! I'll never forget how happy that made a frazzled, flustered and tired new mom right when I needed it the most :)

Joanna said...

Thank you for the giveaway chance! :)

My compliment story: My friend Jacob and his family had just moved to our area and started attending our church quite a few years ago. I didn't have a date to my senior prom and being homeschooled, there is one large prom that we all attend in my area. Jacob was also homeschooled and asked if I would like to go with him. It was a very sweet gesture, considering I didn't know him very well at the time. His parents hadn't met me at that point, so I heard through the mother grapevine (both mothers talking together) that when his mother had asked him about me, he stated that I was kind and fun. She asked, "Is she pretty?" and he apparently replied, "Oh yes, Mom." Simple words but still sweet.

That has always stuck with me. It's not often that young men in my life compliment me in such a way and I don't consider myself a very attractive person. But when they do, I always remember my dear friend Jacob who so sweetly said nice things about me (behind the scenes). We went to prom together, it was a blast, and now he lives in another state and is a newlywed! :) So blessed to have those high school memories. Sorry this was so long!

lynaeve said...

um...I think the best I get is from my husband when he tells me I'm beautiful. thanks for the chance.

Shannon F. said...

I had one of the kids I work with tell me that the only person he knows that should be cloned is me and that he would love to have one of me to take home with him!!! It made me smile for the rest of the week. (He said it on Wednesday.)

marie said...

I just found your's listed on Joyce's "Scrap for Joy" blog. I'm really enjoying my visit. Your jewelry is lovely, and I'm so happy that I'm in time for your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite compliment is a recent one...from my not quite five year old granddaughter. She said so sweetly, "Oh Gramma, I love your eyes because they're so crinkly"! Not quite sure what that means...but that doesn't matter a bit!

Lisa S. said...

I was told by our PTO that I'm extremely detail oriented and have made a great secretary this year. Having jumped in with little to no clue what I was doing this year, it meant a lot.

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet necklace!

I would have to say that the nicest compliments I receive are when someone tells me how nice they think my sons are. They are respectful. kind and sincere....I guess we did something right! (my sons are age 22, 19 and 12 and certainly make their mom proud!)

Sue said...

Hey, Amy just found you and I'm enjoying reading your post.
The nicest compliment I have ever received was from my husband. He has told me several times that I'm the best thing that ever happy to him.

Natalie said...

Hi Amy, I love your creativity!

The best compliment I ever received was the first time I breastfed my son in public. He was only a few weeks old and I was terrified someone would complain or tell me I had to stop. A lady came over and said she wanted to congratulate me on being brave enough to feed him, as it had taken her months to get up the courage to feed her son. It made my day and made me much more confident!

Carin K. said...

I think the best comment I've received is when I'm told I'm a good inspiration! I hope to inspire people and your posts are always inspirational. You have a wonderful heart! Thank you for sharing it :)

Sarah said...

Best Compliment as a teacher has been when parent told me I made a difference in their child's life

mekei said...

my mom said to me - "it's important to me because it's important to you" - and that made me feel very important. whatever 'it' was, i don't recall. i just recall that my mom thought my thinking so was enough to make it important to her.

Susan said...

Just the other day, my boss said in front of me, to someone else, that I was his most valuable employee. That meant so much!

blue said...

Best compliment I have ever received is about my eyes. My daughter has the same color and we both get compliments on the color of our eyes.