Feb 3, 2013

Valentine Necklace Tutorial

Last year I posted a really quick valentine necklace idea .  The necklace last year was super quick to make as it was assembled from stickers and easy for kids to make. Do you remember it?  You can see it here if you don't:  Heart Sticker Necklace.

This year, keeping with the tradition of a Valentine necklace, I thought I'd step it up a bit.  Here's what I came up with and really, it's pretty easy too.

Want to make it?  If you do, here's what you will need and all the steps to do it.

Clay:  I used Sculpey Red but other brands and colors will work just fine too.

Tools:  Needle nose pliers, a cutting tool (mine's a razor), and, an optional item is a sharp pokey thing like a paper piercer.  Also, not shown, but you may need wire cutters too.

Jewelry Findings:  A necklace chain, 1 - head pin, 3- spacers, 1- jump ring

Once you have all your supplies, here's how you make it...

Step 1:  Take a small amount of your clay and condition it.  Conditioning just means you roll it, smoosh it,  and knead it for a few minutes to get it good and soft.  After the clay is workable, shape it into a heart.  I free handed mine but you could use a heart shaped clay cutter if you have one.

Tip:  Try to make sure that your design has the same thickness all over.  You don't want one side thicker than the other or it once it is finished it will hang funny from the chain.

Step 2:  Next, using your cutting tool, cut your heart up into horizontal slices.  

You can cut it into several different pieces but I found that four was a good number for mine.

Step 3:  Then, after your heart is sliced, take your bottom clay piece and carefully push it onto the head pin.  Make sure to scoot it to the bottom of the pin but do not push the clay over the end part.

Step 4: Continue the process of adding your clay pieces to your head pin and be sure to add a spacer in between each layer.

Step 5:  (not shown & optional)  If you want to, you can add a design or word to your heart.  I wrote the word "love" on mine.  To do this, use your pokey tool and carefully spell out the letters. 

Step 6:  Bake your heart - head pin, spacers and all - in a pre-heated 275 degree oven for 15-18 minutes.  Be careful not to over cook as the clay will start to brown.

Step 7:  Once it is done cooking and has cooled, finish it off by using your needle nose pliers to add a loop to the end of the head pin.  (depending on how big you make your heart, you may need wire cutters to cut off the excess wire)

Step 8:  (not shown) Attach your jump ring to the loop on your head pin and then put it on your necklace chain.  And you are DONE!  See, not too hard, right?!

Also, just a FYI -  I didn't list this in the steps because you can do without it BUT if you want  to add a finish to your design, you know to give it a little shine, you can do so.  You can use Mod Podge dimensional glaze, some types of plain mod podge or you can even buy clay finishes made by Sculpey.  Again, you don't need it but can add it if you want.  


P.S. - If you like it but don't want to do the work, you can purchase it here:  Etsy, Red Heart Necklace