Feb 4, 2013

Robots + Valentine = Random Post

I have had several emails lately asking me about my Robots.  Until recently I just had this guy, remember him?

Well, he lived a lonely life long enough and, because you asked, he now has friends.

(Although, the green guy kind of reminds me of Oscar, he looks little grumpy.)

And we all know, everyone, including robots need friends.  It just makes the world a more enjoyable place if you have someone you connect with.  

Oh, and because we all have friends, we should give those friends a valentine and let them know we are glad they are our friends.  Right?!  (Dang it!  That was a clever segway! I should be in news broadcasting)  

Here's a really old idea I made from years past but it's easy and cute and your kids can make it so it's worth sharing....  (sorry for the low picture quality, these are from moons ago)

The pictures basically sum it up, but I'll still type it out just in case it helps.

You need two rounded top tags.  Mine came from a die cut but you could very easily make your own just by cutting two rectangles out of scrapbook paper and rounding off the tops.

Take your scissors and cut some lines into your tags.  They can be swervy or straight, doesn't matter.  Just don't cut them all the way to the top.  Cut them only up to where the tag top starts to round or about where my thumb is in the photo above.

Then, putting them across each other, carefully weave them together.   When you are done weaving them, take a little adhesive and glue down the ends and ....

There you go, a quick and simple Valentine!

You could leave it like this or you can take some stamps, like the one shown at the beginning, and decorate it up.  Also, if you want to add a personal message to the back, just trace the heart shape onto a white piece of paper, cut it out, and then glue it to the back.  

You could also poke holes at the top and string them together to make a garland.  

And, back to Robots - All three robots have enjoyed each other's company long enough, they are ready to go to their separate ways.  If you want one, you can go here for details:  Etsy - Thenshemade