Feb 21, 2013


Last year I made this Easter Bunny card.  I did a quick tutorial on it, which you can see here:  Easter Card and that was that.

However, since Easter is coming up in March the activity on Pinterest for this card has picked up and I'm getting several e-mails from people asking me where they can buy the heart shaped mazes.  I bought mine at Walmart but they were a seasonal item leftover from Valentine's day.  So, do any of my dear readers know of a source either locally where you are, or online, that people can buy them?

Please advise!



April said...

Oriental Trading company

Amy said...

AWESOME! Thank you April

Anonymous said...

Oriental Trading Company..72 for a small fee.

Julie B said...

Oh! Oriental Trading Company have some many wonderful things I would love to buy but they don't ship to Australia :-( Julie in Sydney

Anonymous said...

I bought them through Oriental Trading when I made your Valentine Cards last month! $7.25/ 6 dozen. Great Deal!