Feb 11, 2013

Life Isn't Fair!

I say that statement at least 5 times a day to my kids.

Usually it's in response to a child who feels the injustice that often happens in our home.  In fact, just yesterday, one of my girls ran up the stairs yelling "MOM! Kady just took the last soda from the fridge."

When I explained it was ok because I told her she could, I was met with an argument, "But it's not fair...!"  And my reply?  "Life isn't fair!"

Life isn't fair.

One person usually always benefits over another.  One person is healthier.  One person has more money, more smarts, more friends.  It's just life. Everyone is on their own ride and someone will always get the last soda.

The trick I have found, and it took me awhile, is not to compare or feel cheated because someone else has it better than you.  So, life isn't fair.  I believe that statement and for the most part I'm ok with it.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, I'd love it if life treated everyone based on their merits.  I wish sometimes life was fair.  Like, for example, if you are an exceptional person, exceptional things will happen to you.  Nothing bad.

(Dawn surrounded by her family - photo credit unknown)

If you've been a loyal reader you were most likely here last October when I sent out a call for help for a young mom who was fighting for her life.  A mom of 7.  An amazing woman who is kind, caring, & giving.  The kind of person that you just don't want anything bad to happen to because she is good.  Good things should happen to good people - that would be fair, right?!

Well, I'm saddened as I write this.  That brave mom did really well for a long time.  She was determined to fight and she has been fighting non-stop.  She overcame obstacles that doctors said she never would.  She made it through one more Christmas and continued to fight.  However, in January, the news came that her tumors had spread to her brain and other areas.  It was a blow but she kept fighting and with a good attitude too.  She was determined to do all she could to live and she never once said "life isn't fair!"

This past weekend, while seeking treatment out of state, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  She was miles away from her family and in need of major brain surgery to save her life.  So far she is still with us. The surgery was enough to prolong her life but they only removed one of the 5 tumors.  Her trial has not ended and her fight continues and all I can keep saying is - it isn't fair!

It isn't fair!

She shouldn't have to go through this.  She is a good person.

If she makes it, which I know she will try because she is a fighter, she won't be able to come home for 3 to 4 weeks.  That is a really long time to be away from your family.  My heart is breaking for their family.

They were already struggling under the weight of medical bills, and now, to have her be so far away and not able to travel home is just another blow.

My dear friend, Shawna, is working her patootie off to help this family.  She is organizing a local spaghetti dinner and an online silent auction.  The funds will go towards helping to get this mom home and towards her medical expenses.  I cry when I think about this situation because I think of her kids. I can not imagine being in such a fragile state and being away from my daughters and those I love.  It's heart breaking.

I know most of my readers aren't in Northern Colorado and sending you a plate of spaghetti in the mail probably would be a bad idea HOWEVER, if you want to help you still can.  There is an option to purchase a meal even if you won't be here.  To buy a meal, even if you don't eat it, it's only $6.

Then She Made... and my other business, Williams Photography, have donated items to the silent auction.  If you are interested in buying my jewelry, please bid on it through the auction before you buy it on Etsy.  It's far more important to help out Dawn than it is to help me and every little bit will help her right now.

Life isn't fair!  I know it isn't.  And, bad things happen to good people.  I know that too.  But it doesn't make it any easier or take away the pain this family is feeling.  However, knowing good people are concerned and want to help does make the burden easier to bear.

(Dawn and her hubby - photo credit unknown)

You can help Dawn and her family by following these links.  

Spaghetti Dinner Fund raiser - you don't have to be local to support this.  You can buy a plate even if you wont be there.  It's only $6.  If you are local, Old Chicago and Texas Road House are teaming up to supply the food - YUM!!!

Silent Auction - items are up and ready to be bid on.  You just type your amount right in the comments and the person with the highest bid at auction close, wins.  It's easy.  We have donated a photo session and also three necklaces.  You can bid regardless of your location on most items.  


Now, go hug somebody important and tell them you love them.