Feb 22, 2013

Crystal Drop Pendants Tutorial

I know these pendants aren't a new thing.  The square, glass tile version has been around for a long time.  I've seen them online.  I've seen them at craft shows and farmer markets too.  They are cute.  I've seen them but I've never made them.  Why do what every one else has already done?  However, last week I had a change of heart when I found these at Joann's.  

They were different - they weren't square and they aren't glass.  Plus, they were on sale.  Perfect!

Here's a closer look at them.  I love that they already have the hardware in them and that there are 8 in a package.  So, I bought a pack on Friday, played with a couple of them that night and then went back and bought another pack on Saturday.  I'm hooked.  They are easy to make and you can do a lot of different designs in just a short amount of time.  Plus, this is a great craft for kids as it's easy!

I'm sure there is an official way to make these but I just did my own thing with stuff I already had.  
If you are interested, here's what I did...

Step 1:  Pull out the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Step 2:  Dig through you scrapbook paper and pick out some patterns you love

Step 3:  Put a pretty good size blob of mod podge dimensional magic on top of the design you'd like

FYI:  So, why did I blob it on instead of paint it on?  I tried both ways and painting it on didn't work as well. The crystal pendants aren't totally flat and have some imperfections.  If you blob it on, the excess seems to fill in those imperfections and gives it a good hold.  Also, when I painted it on and it was dry, I could see the brush strokes through the crystal.  I didn't like that.  Ya, I'm kind of picky..

Step 4:  After you've added the mod podge blob, drop your crystal in place and move it around quickly to make sure that it is well covered with adhesive and in the right place.  It will start to stick pretty quickly so make sure you are quick.  When it's in the right place, carefully wipe away the excess adhesive that has spilled out around the edges.  I wiped mine off with just a paper towel.

Step 5:  Next, let it dry.  I took advantage of the cute paper and did several at the same time.  Can you tell that from the photo above?  There are three on there, all drying.  I did put a heavy book over them to keep them flat and then I let it sit over night.  Technically you don't have to wait that long, but it worked for me.

Step 6:  Once it is dry, carefully cut along the edges of the crystal to remove the excess paper

Step 7:  Lightly sand the edges of the paper and then paint on a very light coat of mod podge dimensional magic over the back of the pendant.  Let dry completely.  This just gives it a nice finish.

And there you go.  Be warned though, it's kind of addicting and you'll want to make more.  My Miss M told me I couldn't sell any of these because she wanted all 8 of them.  Silly kid!  

Step 8:  Be sure to finish it off by attaching it to a chain and if you want, add a little charm to complete the look.

Here's a close up.  Fun, right?!  

Also, there are a lot of different things you can do, you don't just have to use paper.

You can also add designs with rub-ons and stickers.  I didn't get a good picture of the finished pendant with the word "Stand" but boy, these would be easy for a girls camp craft with the "Stand in holy places" theme.

Here is another one I did with a rub-on.  I first added the rub-on to the  paper and then I followed all the other steps by adding the adhesive and then the crystal on top.

I love it!  This one I attached to a ball chain but I think I might swap it out for a regular chain and add the charm.  I tend to like that look a little better.

So, there you go.  Super easy.  Not too expensive and way addicting.  I know I just showed you how to make them but if you don't want to buy all the supplies or do the work, let me know, I'd be willing to part with a few (just don't tell my daughter)

oooh, and check out that red chevron - LOVE!!!!  I had a hard time picking a favorite but that one is at the top of the list.


Feb 21, 2013


Last year I made this Easter Bunny card.  I did a quick tutorial on it, which you can see here:  Easter Card and that was that.

However, since Easter is coming up in March the activity on Pinterest for this card has picked up and I'm getting several e-mails from people asking me where they can buy the heart shaped mazes.  I bought mine at Walmart but they were a seasonal item leftover from Valentine's day.  So, do any of my dear readers know of a source either locally where you are, or online, that people can buy them?

Please advise!


Feb 14, 2013

The Valentine I Never Made and More

One night last week, after the lights were turned off and I was comfortably spooning in my coma-inducing blanket with my Fred - his name isn't Fred but that's what I call him sometimes - I struck up the following conversation.

Me:  "Tomorrow I'm going to make a Yoda valentine."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "It will be cool.  It's going to have Yoda on it and it will say - 'Yoda love of my life'."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "Do you get it?"
Fred: no comment, just silence

Then after what felt like a very long pause he said...

Fred:  "Very amusing you are!"

And then I laughed and fell asleep thinking of different ways to make a green Yoda look valentiney.  That's as far as I got with it. It was just an idea that never became more than an idea.  Maybe next year!

Feb 11, 2013

Life Isn't Fair!

I say that statement at least 5 times a day to my kids.

Usually it's in response to a child who feels the injustice that often happens in our home.  In fact, just yesterday, one of my girls ran up the stairs yelling "MOM! Kady just took the last soda from the fridge."

When I explained it was ok because I told her she could, I was met with an argument, "But it's not fair...!"  And my reply?  "Life isn't fair!"

Life isn't fair.

One person usually always benefits over another.  One person is healthier.  One person has more money, more smarts, more friends.  It's just life. Everyone is on their own ride and someone will always get the last soda.

The trick I have found, and it took me awhile, is not to compare or feel cheated because someone else has it better than you.  So, life isn't fair.  I believe that statement and for the most part I'm ok with it.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, I'd love it if life treated everyone based on their merits.  I wish sometimes life was fair.  Like, for example, if you are an exceptional person, exceptional things will happen to you.  Nothing bad.

(Dawn surrounded by her family - photo credit unknown)

If you've been a loyal reader you were most likely here last October when I sent out a call for help for a young mom who was fighting for her life.  A mom of 7.  An amazing woman who is kind, caring, & giving.  The kind of person that you just don't want anything bad to happen to because she is good.  Good things should happen to good people - that would be fair, right?!

Feb 7, 2013

Best Valentine Ever & My New Friend

Guess what?  I was given the best Valentine cards ever.

My girls, Bug and Jet, participate in a program called Activities Days at church.  It's a program for girls that are ages 8 to 11 and they meet twice a month.  It's awesome as they focus on different things, some spiritual, some not.

Yesterday they made Valentines and both girls gave me their creations.  I love them.  And, honestly, I laughed so hard when I saw them.  Seems the crafting gene might not be inherited after all.

Bug gave me her's first.

She was supposed to do the eye first so it would read "I love you!" but she got a little mixed up and decided to create a card that spoke like Yoda - "You!  Love I"  

Then Jet gave me her's.

Same exact card idea.  She got the items in the right order but had issues with her "You".  So she crossed it out, got it in the right way and was soo, sooo, proud of her design.  And then she noticed she designed it with the card opening the wrong way.  Ooops!

I tell you what, and I mean this, I am the luckiest mom ever.  I have two very cute cards that are from two very cute girls who love me enough to still make me things.  I will cherish them forever.  And, from what I hear, their leaders got the card idea online somewhere.  I'm sorry I don't know where but it's a great idea!

OH, and guess what?  Remember my post about losing my friend?  If not, you can read it here...

Guess what I got this week?  Yep, that's right.  Money can buy friends after all and I think this friendship will be a good one.  

It will be good if for no other reason than because my new friend has a squiggly-loopy stitch that makes me so very happy!  Giddy almost.  I mean, what I can I say, I'm easy to please.

Thanks again for all your advice on machines. Based off of your input I was actually leaning towards a Janome but the overall package and price on the Singer was better.  So, if you need me, I'll be chillin' with my new buddy!

Feb 4, 2013

Robots + Valentine = Random Post

I have had several emails lately asking me about my Robots.  Until recently I just had this guy, remember him?

Well, he lived a lonely life long enough and, because you asked, he now has friends.

(Although, the green guy kind of reminds me of Oscar, he looks little grumpy.)

And we all know, everyone, including robots need friends.  It just makes the world a more enjoyable place if you have someone you connect with.  

Oh, and because we all have friends, we should give those friends a valentine and let them know we are glad they are our friends.  Right?!  (Dang it!  That was a clever segway! I should be in news broadcasting)  

Here's a really old idea I made from years past but it's easy and cute and your kids can make it so it's worth sharing....  (sorry for the low picture quality, these are from moons ago)

The pictures basically sum it up, but I'll still type it out just in case it helps.

You need two rounded top tags.  Mine came from a die cut but you could very easily make your own just by cutting two rectangles out of scrapbook paper and rounding off the tops.

Take your scissors and cut some lines into your tags.  They can be swervy or straight, doesn't matter.  Just don't cut them all the way to the top.  Cut them only up to where the tag top starts to round or about where my thumb is in the photo above.

Then, putting them across each other, carefully weave them together.   When you are done weaving them, take a little adhesive and glue down the ends and ....

There you go, a quick and simple Valentine!

You could leave it like this or you can take some stamps, like the one shown at the beginning, and decorate it up.  Also, if you want to add a personal message to the back, just trace the heart shape onto a white piece of paper, cut it out, and then glue it to the back.  

You could also poke holes at the top and string them together to make a garland.  

And, back to Robots - All three robots have enjoyed each other's company long enough, they are ready to go to their separate ways.  If you want one, you can go here for details:  Etsy - Thenshemade

Feb 3, 2013

Valentine Necklace Tutorial

Last year I posted a really quick valentine necklace idea .  The necklace last year was super quick to make as it was assembled from stickers and easy for kids to make. Do you remember it?  You can see it here if you don't:  Heart Sticker Necklace.

This year, keeping with the tradition of a Valentine necklace, I thought I'd step it up a bit.  Here's what I came up with and really, it's pretty easy too.

Want to make it?  If you do, here's what you will need and all the steps to do it.