Jan 11, 2013

Valentines Ideas

I've been working on some fun valentine's using modeling paste today.  I didn't get them done enough to share just yet so I thought in the meantime I'd share a few Valentine tutorials & ideas from years past.  Enjoy!

#4 - Guitar Pick & Heart Maze Valentines
I get asked all the time where to buy those mazes.  They hit Walmart and Target this time of year so look for them near the seasonal aisle.  And, if you don't want them for Valentine's day, buy them anyway, because you can use them for other things too - remember my Easter Bunny card?

Bunny Card

You could totally turn it into a Valentine's card just by changing the last line.  Wish them a happy Valentine's Day instead of a Happy Easter.  "Some-BUNNY thinks you are a-MAZE-ing!"

(Funny what a few years can do - I do actually like this one now!)

I have more, but this is a good start.