Jan 15, 2013

R.I.P. My Dear Friend & a Giveaway

Oh my dear friend,  

I miss you!

Your departure was so quick. 
There was little to no warning that you were not at your best.  
I'm so sorry I didn't see the signs or hear your complaints.  

You were so good to me for so long that I guess I took you for granted.  

I miss you and I need you back in my life.  

I know you are gone forever and we will never work on projects together again but
you should know you will never be replaced.

Oh, wait!  


That's a lie...

What I meant to say is you won't be replaced until next week when I buy a new friend.

I promise I will always fondly remember our 15 years together. 


Ok guys.  My sewing machine died.  I need - not want - a new one. 
So, what kind do you have & why do you love it?   

(I really want your comments and advice on sewing machines so as an incentive to share your advice, I'll happily send a cute heart necklace to one lucky person.  Comments will be accepted until Friday, Jan. 18th and then a winner will be drawn and posted on Saturday, Jan. 19th)

Please share!