Jan 7, 2013

I May Be Addicted.

It's quite possible that I may just be addicted to making snowmen.  I kind of love making them.  Over the past year I've made all these and you'd think that would be enough.

But nope!  January is just the month to make snowmen so today I made a new one.  He was made using this as his body....

You could do this as a gift for someone.  Either leave the Pirouette's in the can or eat them first, then clean the can, and fill it with a stack of cookies. 

First things first, pick some scrapbook paper, cut it to size and tape it on the can.  Then roll the rest of the paper over the can until the paper over laps and then secure in place.

When your paper is in place, it should look the like photo above.
(you could totally mod podge the paper in place but I just used tape on mine - it was quicker.)

Next you'll need a styrofoam ball and some batting.  Roll the batting around the ball and secure it in place.  You could stitch it together, tape it together, or glue it together.  Just be sure to put the seam all in one place.

Then, put the lid back on the can and hot glue your head in place.  When I glued mine, I put my seam of the batting at the top of my head.  I figured the hat would help cover it up.  You can see it, kind of, in the photo above.

Next, find a sock.  I had the perfect pair.  They are really heavy  wool socks but they have seen better days. Instead of just throwing them out, I washed them up and then cut the foot part off.  I threw that part away and kept the ribbed part for the hat.

To attach the hat, just pull one end over the head and tie off the opposite end with some ribbon or string.  You could glue or sew the hat in place if you want but the sock I used had a good grip so I didn't need too.

Next, take the other sock in the pair, cut off the foot part and then cut the ribbed part into two long strips.  Use those strips to make a scarf and attach to the base of the head.

We're almost done.  Now add on the face.  I kept him simple, just two button eyes and a nose.  The nose is the end of an old paint brush I had lying around.  I did have to trim it down.

In fact, even after I cut it down - and almost cut off my finger in the process - it was still pretty long.  But, I kind of liked it that way so I left it.  It's like a Pinocchio snowman.

And the last and final step is to just add buttons to the shirt.

And that is how I used a can of yummy treats and turned them into a cute little snowman!


Oh, and if you are new visitor to Then She Made... you can find tutorials for the four other snowmen shown at the beginning of the post here: