Dec 30, 2012

Snowman Sunday

Oh how I love Sundays!  Today was a snowman Sunday. Do you like him?  He's replacing my Christmas decor that was on my front door.  The cool thing about him is he was inspired by my hubby but I'll tell you more about that when I post the tutorial.  It will be up for tomorrow.

In other news, see this cute girl?    

She's really hoping to celebrate tomorrow night.  Not because it's New Year's eve but because she's hoping to know if she was the winner of free braces.  Yes, you read that right.  She is entered, and trying really hard to win free braces.  This is a HUGE deal for her and for me.  My twins need braces so if she wins that will cut my expense in half. If you've had braces or have kids in braces, you know my pain.  Free would be good.  

Can you help us win? 

SOOOOO, if you have a minute and a Facebook account, PLEASE go vote for her.  If you are worried about the little "download apps" request that pops up when you go to vote - don't worry about it.  It just gives you access to the contest page so you can vote, it will also register you as "liking" the Orthodontist's page but you can always "unlike" it after you vote.

Seriously, we really need your help.  The contest ends tomorrow and we are hoping, praying and doing our best to drum up last minute votes.  

Go here to vote and vote for CAMBREE:

Please, please, please vote and spread the word too.  If others in your house have FB accounts please encourage them to vote too!


Now, I'm off to write a tutorial on how to make a snowman for your door.  Stay tuned!


janie said...

Well how about that!! Congrats!!

Bluefunk said...

Yay for Cambree winning the free braces!