Dec 20, 2012

Randomness At It's Finest

I'm not sure about you but I feel like my December has been filled with randomness.  I jump from one thing to another so quickly that I barely remember what I did before or where I'm heading next.  Very rarely do those things have much to do with each other either.  So, I thought I'd share some of my randomness with you.  The good news is perhaps some of these things will help you as you wrap up your holiday prep over the next couple of days.

1- If a photo really was worth a 1,000 words this one would tell my story quite well.  It sums up my life for the last two months.  Only the photo is missing a few things which are; paper work from Etsy orders, fabric from trying to make 12 angel costumes, a broken sewing machine and tape.  For some random reason I have 5 rolls of tape on my table.  That is odd because I can never find tape.  Never!  

2- Whoever invented the kitchen table totally didn't realize that it wasn't for family meals, it was for crafts.  My children, the oldest being 15, have been raised to understand this.  We finally, right before Thanksgiving, bought a larger table for meals and kept the smaller one for crafts.  Ha!  Guess what is on my bigger table now?  Yup.  More crafts - now I just have more space to do them on.   

3- This is little Jet.  She's the one trying to win free braces.  When I posted about it before, her numbers went up - way up!  (My blog readers are awesome)  She took over first place but it was short lived.  She is holding steady at second but we are all trying to figure out how to get her more votes.  If you haven't voted yet - we'd be so happy if you would!  Go here to vote for CAMBREE:  Free Braces Contest, Ward Orthodontics Facebook Page  

4- I've made this a few times already this season.  Oh-my-word!  It's still one of my favorite treats.  I only make it this time of year because, well, it's got lots of butter and sugar and more sugar and ... ya, you get the picture but boy is it a yummy treat.  You can get the recipe from reviewing this old post:  Puffcorn Treat

5- Speaking of butter.  "Is there anything better than butter?"  I watched the movie Julie & Julia the other day and I've been repeating a quote from the movie all day long (just ask Kaity - Hi Kaity! I quoted it to her as I drove the early morning car pool to seminary today)  There's this moment in the movie where  Julie Powell says, "the day there is a meteorite heading towards the earth and we have thirty days to live.  I will spend it eating butter!"  Since the world might end tomorrow, I sooo should have spent the last 30 days eating butter.  Dang it!  I so missed my opportunity.  The Mayans should have marked the calendar with a cube of butter symbol on November 21, that way I would have known when to start eating.  (Please know this is all said sarcastically, I really don't think the world will end tomorrow nor do I think I could actually eat that much butter)

6- I miss my sewing machine. It died.  Just stopped working mid-angel costume.  It was not a heavenly experience at all and in fact was quite heartbreaking.  Especially since I had just bought really cute fabric and was all prepared to make some more purses like the one shown above. I don't use my machine much but now that I can't, I long for it!  I miss you old friend.  Maybe that cute guy who wears a red suit will bring me a new one for Christmas? (I'm pretty sure my husband reads this blog so this is a blatant hint aimed solely at him)

7- Are you still looking for some quick last minute gifts?  It seems you aren't the only one.  I was tracking pins on Pinterest the other day and by far, these two crafts of mine are my most looked at posts.  It was kind of cool to see that.  You can see the original post and tutorials on these posts:

Money Tree:  Week of gifts, day 5
Sock Snowman

Both projects are low cost and whip up fast.  Granted the money tree might not be low cost depending on how much money you use but the supplies needed to make it are low cost. 

8 - I've been thinking about my apple sauce ornaments lately.  I made a bunch of these and did a tutorial on them a couple of years ago but it seems they have become a talking point lately.  I had a comment the other day in my inbox saying that they would taste terrible.  I think that person must have thought they were cookies and maybe didn't read the post because, well, ummm, there are only three ingredients in them, apple sauce, cinnamon and GLUE.  Of course they would taste terrible. The comment gave me a chuckle.  I wouldn't eat them BUT they do smell great.  Here's the recipe in case you want to try and eat them yourself:  Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornaments  

9- I've been seeing this ad for Spanx lately when I open my inbox.  It has this skinny, perfect model wearing Spanx.  Ummm!  Really?  How are those even working for her?  What does a stick thin gal have to hold, shape, flatten and retain?  I posted this question on my private facebook page and most of my friends were like, "ya, totally, I agree."  But my quick thinking brother said, "She's actually huge without the Spanx."  I laughed so hard I think I spit on my computer monitor.  And, boy, if that's true, I'm buying those puppies.

10- Did I mention it's five days until Christmas.  I'm barely starting my shopping.  I probably shouldn't admit that, you know just in case you thought I had everything all together and was on top of things.  Actually, one look at the picture on #1 should tell you otherwise.  So, random post over, I'm off to shop... wish me luck!

Merry Christmas and don't forget to vote:  Help Cambree win free braces - Ward Orthodontics Facebook page


Anonymous said...

As always, so inspiring!! and Yes, I voted!! Merry Christmas to ALL!! and thank you for your posts! They brighten my life! Teri

Lois Lane said...

Yeah, I'm in the middle of sock snowmen and they look . . . dumb. Partly because I used beans instead of rice, so they're lumpy. Partly because I really don't know what kind of socks to get. And partly because I'm just not that good. Nuts.

Amy said...

People can be sooo.... interesting. My son made me a delicious cinnamon ornament a few years ago, and then between Christmases, a mouse decided it was worth chewing through a rubbermaid tote for!!!

Melody said...

How Funny- I just thought I commented, but I actually was reading this post in an email and I think i replied....anywho... Thanks for the great blog and all of the Nativity tutorials. I cant wait to do them next year and bless several families!!

Kaity said...

Yay! I've been mentioned in the blog! :) I really think it was inconsiderate of those Mayans not to put a butter mark on the calendar. Granted, I would have preferred something more along the lines of a giant cake or possibly a pie, but regardless they should've told me when I could begin fattening myself up for the end of the world!