Nov 23, 2012

The Good and The Bad

First, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I did.  We don't live by family so usually it is just my small family of 5 and we will we have the traditional meal but the feeling isn't the same as when you share it with others. Yesterday, though, we had a friend join us.  Once we knew she was coming it changed everything.  My girls were so excited and we had a great day.  Edible food, some games, and some crafting.  Good times, indeed!

So, moving on... do you want the good news or the bad news first?  Let's just get it bad news out of the way.  I've been frustrated with myself about this one and it's taken me a while to process it and to be ready to talk about  -  did you notice the lack in blog posts?  Ya, me too.

I deleted Mary!

In my haste to wrap up and clean out old files from the Nativity tutorials, I cleaned out Mary.  Sometimes I think these tutorials aren't meant to be.  And, I have Baby Jesus but it felt weird to post him and not her.  No need to fret though, she has been re-created and the mother and baby will make their debut together.  It will be a long tutorial but I'm not separating them again because I'm not taking any chances.

Now, onto the GOOD news.

Want to know who won the little Holy Family set?  

Well, it was lucky #6
Who happens to be.....



Julie's comment was pretty cool and I'm happy that this little set is going to be given to her daughter, check out her entry comment:

"Would love to see more jewelry projects and maybe kid friendly projects! Your nativity set is gorgeous! Would love to win this for our little six year old...she has a small nativity set that she refuses to put away after the holidays...says she can't put baby Jesus in a box for the rest of the year! So she is probably the only little one I know who has her ragged little set on her dresser 365 days a year!  Thanks for a fun giveaway and for sharing on your blog!"

Congrats Julie!  

Also, you know, I did the give-away because I had hit a combined total through google, my feeds, facebook and a few other social networks of 6,000 followers.  Because of this, I think I should actually give away 6 prizes, do you agree? 1 prize for every 1,000 followers.

Julie won the Nativity which was the big prize but these 5 other readers will be sent a custom Then She Made ornament!  

(I love these ornaments.  I created 20 of them last week for a custom order.  I  loved them so much I made some more for me and put Merry Christmas on the back)

Those winners are:

#22 - Jen
#13 - Sarah
#14 - Kristina
#12 - Heather
#72 - Karen

I kid you not, those numbers came up in that order on - it was really odd to have three numbers all in a row, well kinda - the 12 came after, by you know what I mean.

Congrats you guys!  I'll be in touch to get your shipping information!
(Jen, Kristina, and Heather - email me.  I can access your profiles but not your email addresses)