Nov 4, 2012


I was in Sam's club yesterday and almost lost my mind.  Ever feel that way?  Sam's can be overwhelming on a Saturday anyway but the tipping point for me was Christmas music.  Am I ready for this?  It just seems so soon.

I realized pretty quickly that I had two choices: 1)- freak out and avoid all stores until December 1st or 2)- Embrace it.

Because I'm not normal I went with option 1.5.  I settled somewhere in the middle.  Which, honestly was a good place for me, especially because I've got a Christmas song stuck in my head and there really is no way I can avoid shopping for a month.  I am going to focus on the gratitude of Thanksgiving though - I'm even decorating for Thanksgiving.  That's epic for me, especially since I avoided all holiday decorating in September and October.

Anyway, while I'm putting together some projects and tutorials, I thought I'd just do a quick FYI about TSM - ya, I just made an acronym for Then She Made, does that mean I've made it in blogland? Or maybe I'm just following the trends.  Whatev!

FYI #1:  Check this out.  My hubs and I had the opportunity of doing family photos for that awesome Katie at Katiediddesigns a few weeks ago.  That was awesome in and of itself as she has an adorable family and we had a great time shooting them.  However, as I was browsing Etsy the other day, I found her shop and discovered that she used some of the photos from our session on her new card designs.

Christmas card, Holiday or New Years greeting, Merry Freaking Christmas, digital, printable file (item 838)

I love them!  She is so talented.  I know this is the time of year that we all start shopping for Christmas cards and if you are looking, I highly recommend you go check out her designs.  She has so many!  Find her here: Katiediddesigns 
and if you end up ordering from her, make sure to tell her I said "hi"!  (and don't miss out on her paper straws!  My kids are begging - BEGGING - me to buy some)

Christmas, Holiday or New Years greeting card, yellow, gray, teal, digital, printable file (item 837b)

FYI #2:  Sooooo, Nativity club.  Ummm, ya.  I've definitely learned that having a 12 month long blog project might not be my thing.  However, we are almost done.  I did have a request come in that suggested I wrap up the project this month, in November, instead of waiting and doing the last piece in December.  It was a good idea and I agree.  So, later this week I'll be doing a full tutorial on the Holy Family.

I've also had a lot of requests from people wanting to buy the Nativity set.  I used to have it listed on Etsy but found doing the whole set was too time consuming.  However, I've decided to compromise a bit and am selling the Holy Family and stable.  This will only be listed for the month of November so if you want one, and don't want to make your own, buy it now! Holy Family on Etsy 

Blue Floral Pendant Necklace

FYI #3:  Our Etsy fund raiser has wrapped up (again, thank you so much for your help and support!) but I  have extra items left over in my shop.  So, for the month of November, all orders over $25 qualify for free shipping.  Just type in the coupon code FREESHIP25 at check out and shipping is on me!

FYI #4:  This week is the annual Harvest Party at our Elementary school.  I helped out a couple of years ago and I'm helping again this year.  Luckily I'm teaming up with... actually, to be honest, I'm mostly just supporting my friend as she's done all the work.  But we are doing this blessing mix again.  It's a fun thing to pull together pretty quickly and the kiddos can help by adding in all the ingredients.  You can see the origianl post here:  Harvest Snack Mix (a.k.a - Blessing mix)


Also, if you are waiting on an Etsy order all my remaining orders will ship tomorrow!  Wahoo!