Oct 30, 2012

The 5 Minute Ghost

Ok, this is not rocket science.  It's not blow-your-socks-off cool either.  It is kind of cute though and if all you have is 5 minutes or you have kids looking to do a last minute Halloween craft, here's your project!  It's quick and it's easy!

Seriously, it took 5 minutes and I had all the stuff already on hand.  Plus, it recycles - kinda - which is great for the environment, right?!

Here's what you do...

Gather your supplies - you will need:

1 - empty plastic soda or water bottle (be sure to rinse and clean it before use)
1 - Styrofoam ball
1 - piece of white fabric (you can use an old shirt or old sheet too)
Ribbon or string
2 - buttons 
Scissors to cut the ribbon and fabric

Oh, and Rice - don't forget the rice.  Well, rice is kind of optional, see step 1.

Step 1:  Remove and discard lid, then fill bottom of bottle with rice.  The purpose of this is to give your craft some weight.  FYI:  You can use other things for weight like small rocks, dirt, beans, water, etc...

Step 2:  Next, push your styrofoam ball on to the top of  the plastic bottle

Step 3:  Drape your fabric over the styrofoam ball

Step 4:  Take your ribbon and cinch tight around the base of the ball.  This will separate your head from your body and will define your ghost.  Finish it off by tying the ribbon into a cute bow.

Step 5:  Next, add on your eyes.  I started with bigger green buttons but liked the small black ones better so I switched them out.  FYI:  If you don't have buttons just take a sharpie and draw on your eyes.

Step 6:  Step back.  Stare. And then pat yourself on the back for completing your very own 5 minute ghost!

Happy Halloween!

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