Oct 28, 2012

CTTCC & an Update!

I think I'll do the update first - I'm still working happily away on jewelry items.  I did another shipment  yesterday and will do another shipment on Monday.  I'm happy to say that we are getting there.  All shipments should be sent, at the very latest, by the end of the week.  Yay!  Please know that with this frankenstorm that is going to hit the East coast, there is a possibility for delay once it is in the hands of the post office.  I do put tracking info on all shipments so we can follow them if needed.  Email me if you have questions.

Also, remember the fundraiser for the family from last week?  I told you the total WE - remember we did this together - earned for them was $1185.  It wasn't!  After I passed on the check I had a few more donation come in.  All in all the final total for the family is... drum roll please......


I'm blown away - again I thank you so much for helping this cause.  We will never really know the exact way it helped but based on the mom's reaction when she got the first check, she cried and cried, I know it was greatly appreciated and very much needed.  So THANK YOU!!!

Ok, moving on to the CTTCC.  Anybody know what that stands for?

It stands for Compliments To The Creative Crafter.  A few months ago I shared a few post of ideas that inspired me and called them Compliments to the creative crafter.  I have a hard time sharing things I make based off of someone else's idea.  It kind of feels like cheating.  I know we have pinterest and blogs and there are lots of clever ideas out there that inspire us.  But I don't think it's right to do a tutorial or claim an idea that was inspired by someone else.  So, I think it's important to give credit where credit is due.   Today's Creative Crafter is Artangel.  Here's why...

During the month of September I worked on a project for my church.  I photographed all of the young women in my ward.  The young women are girls ages 12 to 18.  The photographs were being used for a program in early October called Young Women in Excellence.  It's a night that the girls are honored and get to show the project and goals that they have been working on.  It's awesome!

Anyway, after the photos were done, I was also asked by a friend to help with the decorations and to display the photos.  The theme was "He is making you a Masterpieceso I knew whatever I did needed to be something classic, rich, and masterpiecey.  Enter Artangel!

She did a post a few years ago on mixed media with tissue paper - I swear, when I read her post, the heavens sang.  It was perfect.  She made this....

(photo by Artangel @ http://artangeloriginalart.blogspot.com/)

It really wasn't the project itself that got me.  It's a cool mixed media canvas but I fell in love with the background.  It's made using crumpled tissue paper, glue, paint and oil pastels.  If you want the tutorial go to her site! http://artangeloriginalart.blogspot.com/2010/11/mixed-media-crumpled-tissue-technique.html

I used her idea but tweaked it a little.  First, I didn't buy special glue.  I just used plain old school glue and mixed it water.  I also decided to do this is a grand way.  I needed a BIG backdrop so I took large foam boards, they were like 3'x4' each, and used Artangel's technique on all of them.  All 16 of  them!

Then I hooked them all together to make a rich looking back drop.  The following pictures don't really do it justice but it was pretty cool and was just the look I was going for.  

(click on the photo to see it larger)

You can ignore the weird face that seems to be floating the air on the left.  It was part of the presentation.  They had a sculptor come and talk on the theme of making a Masterpiece.  I missed the presentation but my daughter and husband told me it was awesome.

Here is the backdrop and the sculptor at work. 

All in all, it turned out great.  Thanks to Artangel for the idea!  I plan to use this technique for lots of other things too.

Also, I know you can't see the frames very well.  But you can take Dollar Tree frames and paint them.  Then rub off some of the paint for an old, textured look.  They are super cheap frames but with a little paint, it turns them into something that looks really cool and well, less cheap! 

Ok, I'm off to make fried eggs and jewelry.  Not at the same time though.... have a great day!

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