Sep 18, 2012

The Benefit of a Band-aid

(Miss M, age 4 with her grandpa - 2001)

I don't share my personal thoughts too much on this blog but I simply can't  stop thinking about the benefit of band-aids. It's a lesson that I was taught by my then 4 year old daughter and it still applies today.

The year she was 4 was the year of 9-11. (Continue reading, this isn't about 9-11) She sat with me and watched the news replay the image of the towers falling.  She didn't understand what was happening but she knew it was bad because I was crying.  After some careful word choices, she was only 4, I explained the best I could that people were hurt, had died, were missing and were sad.  Miss M knew exactly what to do.  Her response to my explanation was that she wanted to send everybody a band-aid.  She was adamant about sending those band-aids.  She knew, she absolutely knew, band-aids would help.  

Time has passed, she isn't 4 anymore but her lesson has stuck with me and as we've been through some stuff lately I'm reminded that sometimes we all just need someone to give us a band-aid.  A band-aid doesn't have to be made of gauze and adhesive to be effective.  A band-aid can be something as simple as a friendly smile.  It can be a phone call out of the blue.  It can be reaching out of your comfort zone to offer friendship to someone who needs a friend. It can be resisting the urge to judge.  It can be holding your tongue when you really, really want to be snarky.  There are so many ways our actions can work as band-aids to those who are in pain.  And, if they can't help heal, at the very least perhaps we can refrain from making the wounds deeper.

What I know is that people, including myself, harbor wounds that aren't always easy to see.  There's a song we sing in church that says "in the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can't see."  There is a truth to that, isn't there?  At some point or another we all put on a smile when we are really truly crying inside.  

The reality is, there is pain in the every day.  Remember kindness matters and we can all help others heal. 

I'm grateful that Miss M taught me that lesson so many years ago.  Even now, I still can't look at a band-aid without seeing her beautiful face and kind heart.  Speaking of her beautiful face, this is her now, 11 years later.  She went from a cute 4 year old to a beautiful young woman in a blink of an eye.

(photo by Williams Photography - my hubby took this one) 

And, just because this is a crafty blog, and I know most of my readers come here for projects, well I simply can't end this post without a band aid themed project.  So, here's one for you.  However, it's not my idea so I'm sending you over to The Moody Fashionista.  She'll show you how to make fabric covered band-aides.

(photo from The Moody Fashionista)