Sep 4, 2012

Halloween DIY Ideas

So, on Friday, August 31st one of my lovely daughters asked me if she could put up Halloween decorations.   I laughed and said, "It's not even September yet!"

She dropped the subject.

Then, the very next day she asked, "Mom, can I put up Halloween decorations today?"  Before I could even respond she said, "It's September now!"

So, did I let her?  No!  Because I'm mean like that.  I'm cool with getting the fall decor out but Halloween items can't go up just yet.  However, because I know my readers like to plan ahead, I will post Halloween on my blog.  Is that cool?  (My daughter doesn't think it's fair.)

Here are some of my most favorite Halloween DIY items and tutorials that I've posted in the past!

Since I don't like spiders in the house, and since she was SO big, she didn't make it into our storage.  I will be making another one this year though as I kind of really did like her.  I say "her" because my daughters named her Winter. It's all on the original post.  If you have a yard or porch to decorate, this is a great low cost way to add something big and not too creepy.  

These are made from pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls.  The cool thing about these is you can make them in any size and the kiddos can help as they are an easy craft to make.  The black paint can be messy though so if you have little hands helping, well, you've be warned.  

You don't need much to make these.  They are made from cardstock and make a super cute table centerpiece especially when you use mini pumpkins for the base.  

Skeletons + Kitchen Items = Spooky grossness

Here's the deal on these.  There isn't really a tutorial but I do explain how to make them.  And, just a tip, if you want to make these, go now - like NOW - to the dollar store.  As time passed last year I had a really hard time finding cheap skeletons.  I had bought some at the Dollar Tree and then decided I wanted more.  Too late!  They were already gone.  I noticed this passed week that my local Dollar Tree was putting out Halloween stuff so maybe yours is too.  Go check.

I want my Mummy! 

These mummies are super easy and super cheap.  If you have an old white sheet, some cereal boxes or food packaging you are going to throw away, and some googly eye - well, you're all set.  That's all you need to make them.  This is another fun one for the kiddos to help with or even just make on their own.

Halloween Ribbon Frame

This is two years old now, I posted it back in 2010 but it's still such a great idea.  I think it's interesting how ideas circle through the internet and this idea is coming back around.  I just saw someone else post this same idea on their site only I think they used paper instead of ribbon.  Either way, it's a fun way to add some Halloween spunk to a simple mat and frame.

and, last but not least, are you a scrapbooker?

Halloween Mini Album

The idea here is a simple one, just create a little album that you can add pages to each year.  Then, every year, take photos of your kids in their costumes and add in a page about what they were and why they wanted to be it.  After several years you'll have a fun little album to put out on display filled with fun memories.

Ok, I do have more past projects I love but these will do for now.