Aug 11, 2012

Who likes Country?

I interrupt my normal craftiness to share a video.

Now, I have to admit, I'm not a country music fan.  I used to be.  In high school I liked it but then I married an 80's alternative geek and well, Depeche Mode took over.  Now a days indie music and the Indigo Girls rule my play list.

HOWEVER, you have to check this out.  This guy, Jake Arave, is an up and coming country artist and the coolest part is my niece is the cute girl who plays his love interest in the video.  So, for her, I'm sharing this video.  Check it out!

Congrats Jen!  You did great!

And, don't forget the Williams Family Craft fair is still going on.  My girls have made no-slip headbands, braided leather boho headbands, bracelets and necklaces.  They are selling them to earn money to go towards their school shopping.  And, in an effort to try and drum up some business for them, if you buy any two items from my Etsy shop you'll get a free pair of earrings.


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

how fabulous! im a funk disco girl myself but can always be persuaded xxxx

Jen said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE country, and I LOVE this new song; Jake's voice and the words are great. Your niece is absolutely beautiful! Hope the video/song do well!

Lily Anne said...

Oh,WOW!! Really love the music. Is he making an album? I will have to keep a watch out for it. Your niece is gorgeous! I know you and her Mom must be very proud of her. Thanks so much for sharing <3

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. Love country music and I enjoyed his music. Your niece is a cutie!!

Diane said...

Your niece was great in the video. She's very cute. Jake has a wonderful voice and I really liked the song. The craft/ sewer in me can't help wondering if someone made her dress by adding ruffles to a shirt. You're such a good aunt!! Thanks for sharing the video.