Aug 9, 2012

A Sweet Deal

Update:  8/19/2012 - The Free Earring deal has ended.

Ok folks.  The Williams Family Fair isn't going so well.  The girls have only sold two of their items.  It's ok, it's a good learning experience for them, they need to know that sometimes even the best laid out plans don't always work.

However, because I'm their mom and I want them to have the best experience possible, I'm working up a sweet deal.

If you buy any two items, the purchased items have to be something other than earrings, I'll throw in a pair of my earrings for free.  I know, I know, it's not a huge deal but it is a $4.75 free gift, and since those earrings come in a box, you could turn around and give them as a gift.  (Think of it as jump start on your Christmas shopping)

To take me up on this offer, just go to my Etsy Shop, browse all four pages of fun stuff, pick out two items, purchase them, and then in the comments section write FREE EARRINGS.  You can even choose your color: green, pink, pearl, red, dark blue, turquoise or yellow.

And just a couple of other quick things you may not know.  All of the headbands sold, including these, and other prints ...

and the leather ones too, have NOT been worn.  The headbands shown being modeled are for display only.  If you buy a headband, or two, just know that they come new and have not been worn.  That decision stems from me and it made the girls put in a little more work as they had to make multiples.  But, I'm not a big fan of buying headbands in the store because you know they've been tried on multiple times by multiple people and those people all have different levels of cleanliness -ewww!   Our head bands come to you clean and new.  

You can see all the headbands here:  Etsy, Then She Made - Hair Accessories

and, while you are looking around, don't forget to check out these...

The bracelets are super cute and a fun twist on the classic friendship bracelet.  The nice thing about these is that you don't have to tie them on.  They have a clasp which means you can take them on and off.  

And, the mustache necklace!  Ok, so I'll be honest, I wouldn't wear this, but I love it.  It's quirky and mustaches are all the rage.  I think the mustache necklace, that comes in colors too, would be a fun little back to school gift for some lucky girl.  Jet wore her blue one to church and several of the girls in her primary class asked if they could have one - so, I know they are on trend.

You can see the jewelry here:  Etsy, Then She Made - Jewelry  and don't forget, I am still selling my pendants and other items too.  You can see those here:  Etsy, Then She Made - Clay Jewelry


Beth Dancy said...

If I buy 4 items do I get two pair of earrings? Working on my order now!

Amy said...

Absolutely! Be sure to tell me which colors you'd like. :)