Jul 11, 2012

Life is Good, A Photo Recap

Life is good.

That's how I feel tonight.  Happy!  It's nice to feel that way after so much has happened.  June was crazy, and really sad, but it ended in a beautiful way.  Then we started July with a packed calendar, a semi-vacation and lots of other things.  Here's a re-cap of the last 12 days in photos.  You should know this is mostly for me.  It's so I remember that life is good.  However, you are welcome to read along.

Life is good because:  We drove across Wyoming - 7 hours straight.  Ya, not my favorite.  I usually dread that drive but I was with my favorite people and we were safe in our travels.  Plus, there are parts of the drive that I think are really pretty in all their plainness.  (my brother will be shocked that I said that)

Life is good because:  I got to help decorate a wedding.  I love doing that kind of stuff.  The lemon bottle idea came from Pinterest.  Life is good because of Pinterest.  It's true.  In addition to the lemon bottles, we also used lots of tulle on the fences and on the shepherds hooks and of course, on my daughter.  She wasn't the bride but got buried in tulle as we took the decorations down.  Silly kid.

Life is good because:  We got to be there to support my sister on her wedding day.  She was happy.  We were happy.  She has a new man, a new daughter and a new life ahead of her.  

Life is good because:  I got to see my dad so happy.  We found out a few months ago that he has cancer.  He's doing ok and is fighting a good fight but since I had not seen him in almost a year, and only have talked to him over the phone, it was really good to see him and hug him. I tear up when I see this photo of him.  One of the best I've taken.  He's a great man.   

Life is good because:  My Miss M turned 15.  Actually, that isn't so good but there isn't much I can do about it so I accept it.  She's a good kid with a kind heart.  We have a good relationship which I'm thankful for every single day.  I'm well aware that 15 can be moody and withdrawn and I'm grateful we haven't experienced that yet.  I see qualities in her that I've never seen in myself and often time she is the one setting the example for me to follow.

Life is good because:  For her birthday she got these shoes.  This is a big deal.  A really BIG deal.  It's hard to explain why in just a few lines but it has to do with me letting go a little and embracing the fact that she is growing up.  

Life is good because:  We got to spend time with the grandparents.  Both sets.  We just live one state away but it's far enough away that we don't see them very often.  It was nice to be with them.

Life is good because:  I got to take lots of photos.  I love to take photos.  You all know I love to craft things.  Creating things, making things, is stress relief for me.  Photography does the same.  I like to be behind the lens and I was able to do that a lot over the last 12 days. 

Life is good because:  We spent our nations birthday at a dam with a cool Aunt and Uncle who love us unconditionally.  Not everyone in our family does that so we tend to hang with those that do and we appreciate them greatly.  They opened their home, their kitchen, and their boat to us and we loved every minute with them.  They also took us to see the fireworks in their little Utah town.  Probably one of the best shows I've seen.  The sense of community as we sat in the park reminded me of my life in Maine.  

Life is good because:  We got to be in nature.  We unplugged from the computer and the phones and camped with extended family.  Brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents - all of us together just hanging out in nature.  We did crafts, played games and told stories.  It was good.  Even sleeping in a tent with kids who had stinky feet was good. 

Life is good because:  We left camp one day and found a funny sign and great Mexican food.  If you are ever in Eden, Utah go eat an enchilada at Carlos & Harley's.  Yum!

Life is good because:  After returning from our trip we adopted two cute guinea pigs from the Humane Society.  OH MY GOSH!  We love them.  I have one daughter who absolutely loves animals.  She's been begging for a pet for a long, long time.  We've resisted.  However, we talked about it, figured it was time, and got permission from our landlord.   We went for one and ended up coming home with two.  We all love them.  But, what I love even more is watching my daughters care for them.  They light up with so much joy and are so happy.  Ludo and Tobin are great additions to our home.

Life is good because:  I have spent 19 years with this man.  Really it's 20 years as we were married one year from the day we met.   We've been through a lot over these past 19 years.  It's been a great ride and I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm so glad I gave him the right name and number when we met.  (Sorry to all the other guys that I said my name was something other than Amy.  You just weren't the right one!)

Life is good because:  Over the past 12 days I've been able to focus on what's really important.  I loved being able to spend so much time, personal time, with my girls and my husband.  I'm a blessed woman and I needed these past 12 days to remind me of that.  

Life is good because:  I am now home.  My kitchen table is back to being cluttered with clay, jewelry pieces, to-do list, and Etsy orders.  Crafty goodness is in the works and it's ALL good.

The truth is, while I've had a good time these last few days, life is good because I've decided it is.  We usually find what we are looking for and I've been looking for the good.