Jul 12, 2012

Do you remember this?

I have a million and one of these wire cubes.  I kind of went crazy using them for all kinds of storage several years ago.  I don't use them much for storage anymore though so instead now they sit in storage.  I did give a few  away when I posted about using them as jewelry holders.  If you missed that post just click on the link.  It's a good idea and I love my jewelry holder but I don't really need more than one cube for my stash.  

However, I recently pulled them out of storage and put those good-old wire cubes to use again.  I mentioned in my last post about our new family additions.  These guys....

They are eating up all our family attention right now.  We got them for my twins but to be honest, I'm kind of in love.  Aren't they cute?  Yep!  They are.  Tobin is the one with funky hair and Ludo is the grayish brown little guy.  

So, anyway, my point.  If you have little critters or are thinking about getting some guinea pigs, did you know you can totally use those wire cubes to make them a cage?  Seriously!  It's brilliant.  We were looking at spending 100+ to buy a big cage and instead all I needed was to pull my cubes out of storage and spend $14 on some plastic corrugated stuff from Home Depot.  Sweet!

I failed to take a picture of our cage before the light left tonight but if you are considering an indoor pet like a bunny or guinea pig, do a search and you'll find lots of images.  There's some pretty swanky cages made from wire cubes out there.  Brilliant I tell ya, brilliant! 

Oh, and just because I should always post something crafty.... I've been playin' with clay again.  I recently did another custom order, these....

They are a take on my "Hope" pendants with the little branch. She wanted flowers instead.  And, while I had the green clay out, I made a few other fun things, these...

They are already up on Etsy in case you see something you like.