Jul 15, 2012

Boredum Buster: Warm Fuzzies

I introduced my girls recently to something from my childhood.  Oh the 80's!  How great they were.  Do you remember Warm Fuzzies?  I was a teenager when they gained their popularity and it seemed they were everywhere.  Maybe it was only in my community but I remember seeing them in stores so I thought it was something bigger than my little small town.  If you don't know what a warm fuzzie is, Urban Dictionary describes them as this....

.warm fuzzies239 up55 down
The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.

So the idea was, you give a compliment or do something nice for someone and then give them a little fuzzie creature to go along with it.  Fuzzie creature like these....

Sometimes, the ones you would buy in the store had a little ribbon tag attached to the feet that had a saying on them.  

So, how do you make your own Warm Fuzzie?  It's a fun little project for kids.  Gives them something really easy they can do if you ever have a "I'm bored" moment in your house.  Plus, the supply cost is really low so they can make oodles of them and use their creativity to make different color combos, sizes and such.  And, it's a low-supervision craft so if your kids can handle scissors and glue, you can go do something else while they craft.  Like the dishes - oh, who are we kidding, you know you'd rather make warm fuzzies than do the dishes.

First, gather your supplies:

You need:
- Pompoms of different sizes
- Elmer's glue
- Googlie eyes
- Foam sheets
- Scissors

Step 1:  Using a small square of a foam sheet, cut a small heart.  Or really, any 
shape that you can use for feet.

Step 2:  Add a small dot of glue to the point of the heart like shown

Step 3:  Then attach the pompom to the glue dot

Step 4:  Decide where you want the eyes and add two little glue dots to the pompom

Step 5:  Then attach the googlie eyes to the glue dots

That's it.  You've just made your first little fuzzie guy.  Make sure to make more than one so they can have friends.  Or so you can give them to friends.  I mean, who wouldn't want a warm fuzzie?