Jun 22, 2012


Sometimes all we can do is wait.  I feel like that lately.  When tragedy hits waiting for news is the hardest part.  My poor kiddos feel that way too.  They've been waiting for me a lot the last couple of days.  

"Please wait, I have just one more phone call to make." 

"Hold on, let me send this email."

"You'll have to wait for lunch, I've got an errand to run."

Do you have those days?  Things have been busy around here, there is much work to be done, love to give and service to be rendered to those in need.  It feels good to help.  I'm glad to help.  

And, I think my girls understand.  They've been helping too.  They've been patient.  They've even been crafting by themselves because they know I've been busy.  The photo above was taken as I was finishing a phone call and I realized they were waiting  yet again.  

This time though, not for me.  

They were waiting for Shrinky Dinks!   

Instead of guilt for making them wait for me, I felt happiness that they were working and waiting on a project together.  It was a tender moment and a touching visual. One worth sharing.


P.S.- Thanks for waiting for me to post the Nativity.  Things are settling down, the chaos is calming a little bit.  There is still much sadness but we are moving forward knowing that all things are in God's hands.  I am forever grateful for the calming peace that my faith brings me and that I know eternal families are part of Heavenly Father's plan and that while this sweet boy may be separated from his family now, they will be reunited again.  There is a wait there too, they will wait to see him again but the reunion will be joyous.  

Thanks for your love and support and understanding.  I will return to normal posting soon you just have to wait a little longer.

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Susan F. said...

Hugs and prayers.