Jun 14, 2012

I Heart...

I heart Etsy but I just got word that they are doing a mandatory maintenance shut down this weekend.  I was planning to post these then but decided I'd better get them up now.  Etsy shutting down for a few hours on Saturday is almost as bad as getting that 404 response from Pinterest - it just should NOT be allowed!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these new additions to the Then She Made shop.  

First up, a fun little steam punk heart that hangs from a gear!

Then there this one.  Red Swirl Heart, I like it's more traditional shape and it's simpleness.  No added charms or doohickeys.   

And this one is fun too.  Heart pendant with charm, it's a little more rounded and has a pearl charm with copper elements to accent it.

I finished these up and had them sitting out on my table the other day.  My Miss M, who is almost 15, walks by and says, "Ca-Ute!!! Can I wear one tomorrow?"  She was pretty sad when I told her no but that she could buy one.  Then I smiled an annoying grin - am I mean or what?!

Anyway, just a little FYI, the clay is out and June's nativity is in the works.  I've been putting it off because out of all the pieces it's one of the hardest, at least I think so.  Hmmm, I probably shouldn't tell you that, should I?  Maybe it will be easy for you - I'll do my best to document it well in the tutorial!


Jil ~ said...

Hi Amy - Just wanted to Thank you for the charming necklaces and the darling earrings. My daughter saw them and now she wants some too! We will both definitely be visiting your Etsy shoppe again really soon!

Thanks Again!

Ellouise88 said...

Such lovely pendants; especially the steampunk one.