Jun 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Have you seen that movie?  Don't.  I watched that show with my older brother when I was 15.  We watched it on Halloween.  Not because it was scary, I think it was just the only thing on.  It was quite possibly the dumbest movie that I've ever seen in my life but it stands out as a great memory of time spent with my brother and it is also a great blog post title because it describes this week of my life perfectly.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Holy crap - I made this! (Yes, I'm patting myself on the back.)  I fancy myself a clever person, I can do crafts.  I'm a pro with a glue gun, scissors, and clay but sewing is something I rarely do.  I'm self taught and sometimes I get confused.  This week though, I had to dust off the sewing machine.  My Miss M is heading out on a youth trip for our church on Monday and needed a smallish bag to hold little treasures like her money and camera.  We looked in stores but couldn't find much so I got creative.  I even designed my own pattern.  She loves it.  I love it.  It's the GOOD from the week.  I failed to take photos while making it but plan to make another one soon and if you're interested I'll do a tutorial on it.  If I can sew, SEW can you.  (Yes, laugh.  That was a cheesy play on words)

The BAD!

I had an affair this week.  I met up with an old love.  Like most instant gratification, it was lovely in the moment but the guilt and regret set in.  Plus, stupid me - now my cravings are back.  For those new to my blog, you can read about my relationship here: Good-bye My Love

I went two months - TWO MONTHS - without a coke and this week I caved.  Someone asked me how long I plan to go without soda, like was this a lifetime commitment.  Honestly, I hadn't thought about that.  I was just trying to go a day at a time.  And, I did good.  I just stumbled this week. I read something about you don't have to be perfect, just be better today than you were yesterday.  So, with that advice tucked away and the knowledge that I did make it two months once, I will try, try again.  


Since the sewing machine has been unearthed and is sitting in my living room it has piqued the interested of two little 10 year old girls.  They are out of school now and are already bored.  They want to push the pedal and make lovely creations.  So, we started a basics sewing class.  Let's face it, the basics are all I really know anyway.  I had a special "mom & me" date with one of them (the other was off with friends) and we went to look at patterns and fabrics.  She chose these monsters by McCalls they are ugly little creatures but are kind of fun to make.  The parts; legs, arms, ears, etc... are all interchangeable pattern pieces so the girls have been able to customize their creatures.  We are still mid-process but so far, these ugly little things are coming together. 

So, that's my week - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!  I wonder what next week will bring?!


Mrs. Mindy Sheikh said...

Hello, Amy! I'm an avid follower of your blog. I love LOVE love the purse! You should sell those on etsy! So adorable!

Judy said...

Hooray for the two months! Now remember how good you felt an go another two months!

Firefly Visions said...

I would love to see a tutorial on the bag.. I have been looking for a small bag to carry around with me this summer and I love this pattern :) Everyone 'backslides' from time to time just stay strong going forward. And now I must go purchase the pattern for those monsters.. They are just too adorable.

Amy said...

OOoohh!!! I have some of that chevron fabric. Now I'm all fired up to make a purse out of it!

Mary Lewis said...

Love your blog. love you bag! would love a tutorial! i'd even pay for it!

Emily Buckley said...

Don't know where you are at with the 'no soda' thing because this is an old post but wanted to let you know that I did the same thing! I cut soda out of my life with two minor exceptions - gingerale if my tummy was upset, and butterbeer if I ever went to Universal Orlando. Now I've broken both exceptions but overall I've been soda free for about three years now! So if I can do it so can you!