May 18, 2012

May Nativity Piece

Remember our April Nativity piece tutorial?  It was a little white lamb.  It was pretty cute but it needs a companion.  So, for May, we are just making another little lamb.   Our Nativity set will be 12 pieces when it is all done and two of those pieces are sheep.

You've got some options here.  You can make them both white, using the pearl clay like shown above.

Or you could mix it up a bit and add a little black sheep - ok, he's really gray, but you get the point.  Right?!

And, if you are feeling the drive to take it further, you can do more than just two.

The End!

If you don't remember how to make these little sheep be sure to check out the tutorial here:  Lamb Nativity Piece.

And, thanks so much for the great response I got about my Deal of the Day post - I still have necklaces available if you are interested in getting one.  



Susan F. said...

The sheep are so cute!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

These are so adorable!!! Such a clever idea to do the little swirls on their backs. LOVE!

L. Adams said...

What color Gray did you use?