Apr 19, 2012

Then She Made... a great big mess!

I posted a comment on a friend's facebook page this week and said that statement about chaos and order, you know:  "out of chaos comes order."  Well, it was sage advice for her but in reality is was just a reminder for myself.  Some where, and at some point in time, order will come out of this emotionally chaotic week.

If there ever was a picture that could speak volumes about my life this week, this would be it.  It's not pretty.

And, note to self, I should learn to never say in my blog posts, "check in all next week" or "stay tuned" or "coming up" because every time I do, life happens and my big plans always get scattered.

Such is life.

So, what has been happening all week?  Do you really want to know?  Let me explain it with a little eye spy game of the picture above.

In the photo above I spy:
- Jewelry making supplies:  See them behind the green chair. I've been working on a fun mother's day tutorial for a guest post that will be happening soon over at Broken Treasures.  Elizabeth is kind of pretty awesome and has been very patient with me this week.

- Clay:  It's in the box on the floor and some already made pieces are drying on toothpicks on top of the table.  Those are for gifts and Etsy orders that needed to filled this week.  BTW, Thank you for ordering my jewelry.

- Flowers:  Actually they don't look like flowers in this photo but they are, or will be flowers if I get around to finishing them.  I started them last week and then lost all my creative juices on Monday.  I still believe they will turn into something cute to share but for now, they sit.  in a pile.  on my table. mixed in with the other mess.  I need my creativity to bloom again, pun intended.

- Church stuff:  I was given a new calling at church and it is represented in the pink bag on the floor.  I'm the secretary for the women's organization at my church.  I'm learning a lot in this new form of service, especially that personal revelation really does happen and that our Heavenly Father loves us, all of us. Women have a great power that is divine and I'm grateful I get to learn how to cultivate and share that a little more.

- Nativity Club:  It's barely visible but this month's piece is on the silver tray.  I'm sorry that I'm not very consistent with this club.  I'm trying to stay on top of it but it does take dedication and sometimes I'm more dedicated than others.

- A Pay Stub:  It's been a week of craziness where the jobs are concerned.  I didn't talk about it before but at the beginning of the year I quit my job.  This week, my husband who works for the same company as I did, quit his job.  It was time for him but change is always hard and even though his new opportunity is a welcome one, it's hard to let go of what is comfortable.  We've had lots of discussions and decisions this week all of which bring us closer together and for that I'm grateful.

- A Computer:  The computer sucks me in.  It's a blessing and a curse.  Ever feel that way?  This week it's mostly been a blessing that has allowed me to help others and connect with family in a time of heavy concern.  The computer reminds me that all though I'm a few hundred miles from family, with technology, I'm really just a click away.  I received bad news concerning my dad's health this week.  He'll get mad at me for saying anything on this forum so I won't say much, other than it's scary and I've worried a lot.  Tears have been shed.  All the chaos on my table actually is a direct result of what is happening with him.  I'm having a hard time focusing and finishing things.  My heart is heavy and my mind is full.

- Finger Nail Polish and Remover:  This is the one thing on the table that was actually not put there by me. This is a reminder that first and foremost, I have three beautiful daughters that are putting trust in me to be their mom.  I'm their mom first.  Craft piles can wait and blog posts can be delayed.  But hugs, kisses and time spent together can't.  I'm good at crafting but I'm better at being a mom, I just forget that sometimes.

Anyway, so these are the things have kept me occupied this week.  And, despite the fact that I said I should never say it, the Nativity tutorial is ready to go and so is my guest post.  You'll get two posts tomorrow just because I need to get them up and off my to-do list.  So,....umm.... check back tomorrow!