Apr 28, 2012

Separation Update & a Recipe

I hit a major milestone a few days ago and I didn't even talk about!  I'm still kind of in shock that I'm holding up so well due to my long separation from one love.  Remember my love?  If you don't, here's the post to catch you up to speed.  Goodbye My Love!

I separated from love on March 22, it's now April 28.  It's been just over one month.  That's a loooong time. I was fully expecting a painful separation.  So, how am I doing?

Pretty dang good if I do say so myself.  I've been pleasantly surprised.  Here's a few things I've discovered over the past month?

1 - I've found that I don't crave it anymore except in times of stress.  I got hit with majorly bad news this week about my dad's health and my first comment (after I stopped bawling) was, I just want a Coke.  I find it interesting that this is the case.  I realized that soda, Coke specifically, really was a comfort thing for me.  Somehow I need to trigger my brain into thinking spinach is the new Coke.  That would be a good thing, right?!

2- I've learned that my actions can encourage other people too - ok, don't roll your eyes at me, I know that sounds stupid or like a no-brainer.  But, after three weeks of going without soda and noticing some differences, it means a lot when your 14 year old daughter turns to you and says, "I've been thinking and I've decided I'm not going to drink soda anymore either."  Or when you are shopping with your 10 years olds and one of them sees soda and tries to hug it (yes, she's dramatic!) and the other one says "we haven't had it for so long it would probably taste gross."  Those are comments to be treasured.  They are realizing that their life can go on without it too - YEAH!!! Ya know, as a mom I always worry about my example, I try to watch what I say, I don't swear, I try not to pass judgments of others in front of my kids, I try to keep a safe environment in my home but I never realized that loving soda so much was encouraging my kids to do the same.  I know, Duh! Why is it that sometimes the simplest things complete escape us?

3- I've found that if I drink something, like lemonade out of a cup with a lid and a straw it increases my desire for a soda.  We had lemonade at the movie one day and I've decided I can't do that anymore.  It still has a lot of sugar and the similarities are too close and I noticed the desire for soda slightly returning.

4- The most important thing I've discovered is that .... I CAN DO THIS.  Which means I can probably do a lot of other things that I've been putting off too like, exercise.

And, just for fun I thought I'd share a drink recipe I enjoy. Now, no bashing please,  I don't drink this very often, but once in awhile when I want something more flavorful than water I will mix this up.  Yes, I'm aware juices aren't always great for you.  It's not calorie free and it does have sugars in it, but every once in awhile it is just enough of a treat.

You will need Orange Juice and Cran-Raspberry juice.  Plus, a glass of ice is a must to make this complete.

1- Fill half of glass with Orange Juice.
2 -  Then fill the remained with Cran-Raspberry juice.  
3- Mix and enjoy!

It is really yummy!