Apr 27, 2012

Budget Friendly Custom Art

Sometimes I think I'm a cheap skate.  I'm just not one to plunk down a bunch of money for something I can do myself.  Know what I mean?  Maybe that's not being cheap maybe that's being smart.

Ya!  Let's go with smart!

Here's a good example.  I wanted some large custom canvas prints for my wall and I wanted to use my own photos.  These photos:

Yes, they are quirky which just happens to so fit our family.  This is what happens when a couple of photography lovers take their kids to the park and then get board watching the kids play on the swings.   Creativity + sunset = crazy photos that I love. If your an Echo and The Bunnyman fan you may recognize the inspiration for the photo on the bottom right.

Anyway, I went on a search trying to find a company to order from.  Ummmm, HELLO!!!  To get a 16x20 print on canvas it's upwards of $75+ and that's just for one.  I wanted five of them.  Ouch!

After having a little private pity party I moved on from feeling defeated and did some research.  I found out that Sam's club does 1 hour poster prints.  Did you know that?  That is awesome in and of itself, however, what makes this news even better - they are only $5.86 each.

So, I ordered 5 of them!

Next, armed with a 40% off coupon, I headed over to Hobby Lobby.  They sell a 2-pack of 16x20 canvases for $8.  That's pretty inexpensive but using the coupon, it's an even better deal.

A blank canvas is a beautiful site!

Then I dug out the old trusty spray adhesive.  I went to town spraying them down and adhering the poster prints to the canvases but, guess what?  It was an Epic fail!  The prints bubbled and wouldn't stick.  They just looked kind of crappy.  Have no fear though because...

when in doubt pull the Mod Podge out!

YES!!!  Success!  Mod Podge was just the ticket.  Now all my prints are adhered to 16 x 20 canvases and I couldn't be happier.

So, just to review.  I could have ordered them, waited 2 two weeks for delivery and paid $375 plus shipping.  Instead, It took about 2 hours, and that includes the print processing time, and only cost... $41.00.

Cheap? Maybe.  But I think I'll go with smart.  

And hey, before I go, just a reminder about the drawing going on over at Broken Treasures, it's for one of my custom made necklaces.  Plus, if you don't win, you can read up on the tutorial on how I made it and then make your own. The contest ends in on Sunday so be sure to pop on over there soon for a chance to win.