Feb 1, 2012

If You Buy a Family a TV

Have you ever read "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"?  If so than you may be able to relate to my current situation.  I feel like I'm living in a home decorators version of that book.  As you know, if you've read the book, the mouse never seems happy with just the cookie.  He always needs something else.  So, my home decor version goes something like this...  (warning, it's not written nearly as cute as the book)

If you let a family buy a tv.....  (yes, we just bought a tv - haven't had one in years.)
The family will need a new table to put the tv on.
The table won't work so a different one will be moved in from another room.
Once the table is in place, the mom - that's me - won't like how the couch is lined up in the room.
The mom will move the couch to better fill the space.
The space is better filled now but there are empty areas that need book shelves. 
The mom brings shelves in from another room.
The shelves are in place and neatly arranged with books and old cameras but the mom notices that the computer area is too close to the couch and shelves.
The computer area MUST be moved!
The mom disassembles the computer, moves the desk and realizes she now needs two desks instead of one.
Another desk is brought into the room from another area in house and all seems well - but it's not.
The desks need something.  Something to tie them both together and to make a bigger work space.
The mom - that's me - takes on a building project and....

so it goes...the area with the new tv looks great but everything else, including several other rooms and areas are now bare and in need of being rearranged and redecorated. Not to mention that my computer, the one I use to blog and edit photos is still disassembled, on the floor, in pieces.  It's waiting for it's new home to be built.

My husband calls this, lovingly of course, the perpetual state of optimization.

I'm now in the process of relocating half of my craft and jewelry making supplies, building a computer zone and baking chocolate chip cookies while I try to stay sane in the midst of all the transitions.

And all of this happened just because we bought a tv!