Feb 17, 2012

Happy Is the Heart That Still Feels Pain

Edited 2/18/12:  I'm doing much better.  All is well.  I am well.  Just needed some sleep and day off.  Nativity tutorial #2 is on it's way.

Today was supposed to be our Nativity day but I'm afraid I have to postpone it a day or two.  I'm coming out of a social event that has me dealing with some major anxiety.  Like can't sleep.  Can't eat.  Heart racing.  Chest pain. Full.blown.anxiety.  It sucks.

Social events tend to put me in this place but it's been awhile since I've had a full on attack like this.  I'm usually fine at the event, the anxiety kicks in when it's done.  Anyone else have these issues?

I know it will pass.  It usually does.

In the meantime I've got a line from an Ingrid Michaelson song stuck in my head "Happy is the heart that still feels pain.  Darkness drains and light will come again."

Such truth!

In other news, if you are waiting on the next tutorial, we will be making a version - ours will be slightly different - of this guy.

You can start getting your clay colors ready, you will need:
Blue pearl
Hazel Nut (brown)
Deep Red Pearl

See you soon!