Jan 9, 2012

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

Where in the heck did that saying even come from?  Anyway, no chicken dinner here but we do have two winners.

First, I've tallied the votes and it was close!  Remember you were voting for which item you'd like to see a tutorial on first.  I had two pieces that were neck and neck.  The Swirl Bracelet and the Steampunk Gear Heart.  But, one came out 1 vote ahead! 

drum roll please....

The tutorial you'd most like to see first is.....  The Steampunk Gear Heart!  I'll be posting the tutorial by the end of the week. 

The second part of this is, as promised, I took all the votes that came in before 11:59pm on Jan. 8th and did a random generator.  There were 96 votes and the lucky number is.......
Comment #15 - which was from AH, says -
"Ooooo...the swirl bracelet! I have been in love with that piece since you posted it."

I'm so excited to be passing along a piece of my jewelry.  Congrats to AH!!!!

AH- email me right away so I can send you your prize.

Ok, that was really fun for me.  I've never done a contest before.  However, now it's time to go back to regular crafting.  I've got a Valentine idea for you for tomorrow so be sure to come back.