Jan 26, 2012

Clay Colors for Full Nativity

I thought I'd very quickly address the following question....

"I am so excite to try this!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I do have a question - I will need to order the clay online because it isn't sold locally.  Is there any way you can share the list of colors for all 12 figures so I can place one order and save on shipping?"  - Michelle

So, in case others out there are in the same boat as Michelle, I thought I'd list out the colors of clay that I use for the whole Nativity set.  Keep in mind that some colors you will use more of than others so I will do my best to guess at the quantity of each - these are just best guesses.

Leaf Green - 1
Moss Green - 1
Beige - 2
Deep Red Pearl  - 1
Black - 1
Pearl - 2 (maybe 3)
Jewelry Gold - 1
Gold - 1
Lilac - 1
Purple - 1
Chocolate - 1
Hazel Nut - 1
Suede Brown - 1
Tan - 2
Blue Pearl - 1

Keep in mind, that's a lot of colors.  And, honestly, every time I make a new set my colors vary.  If you feel like that is too many colors or too expensive, then consolidate some of them.  For example, Chocolate, Hazel Nut and Suede are all browns. You will not use a full clay block of any of those colors so you could eliminate a few of them and only buy Chocolate.  Or, the Golds, you could just buy one of them instead of both.  Just use your judgement and buy what feels comfortable.  You can always tweak it as we go and maybe you'll want to make yours a different color than mine and that is just fine too.

Let me know if you have more questions, and in the meantime, I've gone back to doing Valentine's stuff.  Fun stuff coming soon!